Download Microsoft Works

Microsoft Works is a suite of software available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Smaller and cheaper than the other Office suite
Download WorksWrite , keep accounts , create greeting cards , flyers, look at the photos , print : these are probably the things that a person wants to do when your PC enters for the first time in a home.

But which programs to install to do this?

Our thoughts go immediately to Microsoft Office , which was adopted almost everywhere in the workplace , it seems the only possible solution . However, just do a quick survey in a computer store to find the cost prohibitive for any version of Office.
Fortunately for many years, Microsoft offers an alternative solution , ideal for the home: Microsoft Works 9.0, a kind of ” value pack ” that includes

  • The Works Word Processor allows you to easily create letters , resumes, greeting cards.
  • The Works Spreadsheet allows you to organize and plan the work of the house and keep the budget under control .
  • With the Works Calendar , in order to keep track of all of the commitments .
  • In the Works Database can store addresses , lists, or home inventories .

You can share documents and spreadsheets Works with Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft ® Office Excel.

Works 9 is a collection of programs that meet the most common computing needs : Unlike Office Works is designed for non-professional use and allows each family member to quickly create something useful with your computer.
Do you want to store your recipes ?

You can use a much more simple Access database .

You need to make graphs or manage accounts ?

Spreadsheet contains the essential and also something more , along with the many models that will almost certainly solve the most common problems.

Do you want to write a research thesis , a letter?

There is no need to engage in the purchase of some of the latest version of Word, is more than sufficient and complete Word.
Also Works 9 includes a timetable for the shared management of family activities , with a nice look , much more attractive Outlook calendar .
Recall Works 2009 although it is still available for free downloaf , the program will exit with Microsoft Office 2010, it was replaced by Office 2010 Starter
The interface plays a crucial role : in Works 9 the user is not so much directed to the use of the individual applications of the collection, rather than being driven to solve problems through the customization of the default templates . Moreover, the simplicity and consistency of the work environment has always been a crucial aspect of this program.
Other programs included are a much more pleasing , even if in some views are certainly not the best choice available on the market in their respective categories . In this case, we evaluate individual products , but the set of a collection that, overall , it’s really good .

Within the suite of Works were incorporated programs such as Microsoft Money, Encarta and Microsoft Picture it ! .

System requirements for installation of Works :
1.6GHz processor
Windows XP , Vista or 7
1 GB of RAM

Alternatives to personal productivity softwareDownload Microsoft Works manufacturer’s website our article on openoffice
KOffice , Calligra Suite suite renamed
GNOME Office suite consisting of AbiWord , Gnumeric , Evolution and Evince
SSuite Office , a free office suite for Windows

Commercial software business productivity
Microsoft Office , produced by Microsoft
iWork , Apple produced by
Oracle Open Office, marketed by Oracle Corporation
Ashampoo Office suite of Ashampoo manufacturer’s website
WordPerfect Office suite of Corel Corporation,