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One of the criticisms most often is moved to the operating systems of Microsoft concerns the apparent ease with which unwanted and potentially dangerous software (viruses , malware, spyware ) can sneak into your computer. Even with the ‘ upgrade to Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, Microsoft has tried to offer an integrated solution with the Windows Firewall.

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Why upgrade to Windows Vista Service Pack
Impostazioni di risparmio energeticoHowever, a firewall may not even do much to combat the malicious code contained in the programs downloaded from the Internet or received via infected emails . To improve the situation , Windows Vista has introduced new protection programs : First , Windows Defender , a genuine anti-spyware filter , able to analyze in real time and in a totally transparent to the users incoming traffic through Internet and block the execution of potentially harmful code . Windows Defender can count on several “agents” that continuously scan critical areas of your computer, such as system configuration, ask for a list of programs that start automatically , drivers , device management extensions to Internet Explorer download and so on.

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Save Settings energeticoAd example , the installation of anti-virus software should be to intervene heavily on the configuration of your computer , but Windows Defender is able to analyze the installation, to assess their character and allow the software to work, even if you are worried , however , indicate the potential hazard of the program in its register , freely accessible to the user via the control panel.
When the threat appears more substantial , Windows Defender requires user intervention , able to analyze the suspicious items and decide for themselves if the specified program may or may not be unlocked. Windows Defender also periodically scans the disk for suspicious objects , which can be automatically locked , deleted, or quarantined.

With constant updates to the Windows Defender definitions and make new safety systems integrated into Internet Explorer , such as safe browsing and anti-phishing filter that scans every web page open , Windows Vista is definitely the most secure operating system Microsoft ever released on market, even if not all the security tools are included in the initial installation. Missing , for example, an antivirus software, which should be installed separately , as rightly suggested by the Windows Security Center from the very first time the computer starts .

Fortunately, the situation has improved compared to the ” launch ” of the system , and also the producers of the popular free antivirus software ( Avira AntiVir – ) today offer versions of their software compatible with Windows Vista. And ‘ understandable that Microsoft has tried to make it as safe as possible , its new operating system, but in reality some solutions are likely to result in paranoia , as is the case with the “User Account Control“. The versions of Windows Vista ‘s intention to Microsoft, this system should be sure to use the computer, and avoid those little tired of playing with the functionality of the control panel and the configuration of the computer. In fact, the operation of ” User Account Control ” is often counterproductive to the point of causing exactly the opposite result , especially when that user is also the administrator of the system. Windows Vista , in essence, ” warn ” the user when the operation is going to accomplish could be potentially dangerous for the stability of the computer: for example , this happens when you install a program or starts. In essence , the operating system is a bit ‘ too restrictive to determine which tasks are to be detained , and this is compounded by the fact that the information provided by the User Account Control windows do not offer any detail to understand the potential harm that could be caused. In this way the novice user is not able to understand what they are in reality the dangers that must be met , while those who are more critical is located in front of a block boring.

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Configuring Device Drivers in Windows Vista
windows defenderis , in short, a sort of ” psychological terrorism ” that the operating system operates on the poor user , who can respond in two ways: to be afraid and to abandon all its aims (he was also simply change the image of one of the accounts on the computer or the times when children can use the computer … ) or completely ignore the warning and continue without badarci . This is the option that , after a few days of using Windows Vista, almost all adopt , thus defeating the very purpose for which the control was designed. The moral of the story is that of excessive restrictions become , in practice , the denial of the purpose that inspired them . It is hoped that in the future Microsoft will be able to do this particular feature of Windows Vista less oppressive , and therefore more effective . For the moment, if you feel confident in your knowledge of the system and the various options that can be changed , follow the instructions in the box ” Disable UAC ” to get rid forever of the many windows confirmation that make using Windows Vista unnecessarily tiring .

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The service pack for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 ( SP2).

Note: Before proceeding to ‘ installation of Windows Vista SP2, you must first install the SP1 version .
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Download free the previous service pack
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ( SP1) ended July 12, 2011 . Read more .
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