Digital video recorders

If you are used to record the show and then cooking recipes that invariably deleted to make room for new recordings , you can not appreciate that one of the most innovative technological discoveries : the digital video recorder. The introduction of a 40- gigabyte hard drive as a storage unit allows you to have at its disposal a useful space of 36 hours in LP ( long play ), and about 16-20 hours on one in high quality.

digital video recorders

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One of the peculiarities of the HDR -1000 is the ability to ” dump ” the contents in a DVD directly to your hard disk , so as to allow the display regardless of the presence of optical media in the drive. It must , however, say that the decoding program MPG2 files used to store the files on DVD does not cross any protection (eg Macrovision ) that normally prevents the direct copying of the media. The reversal on the hard disk is then possible only in the case where the film is not protected . Within the large chassis are comfortably place the hard drive , the DVD player is also compatible with the DVD + RW standard (but also does not mind reading DVDRW ) , and as is logical, all the electronics for encoding and decoding video formats .

Front buttons are available for use of the device of reading DVDs and videos stored on the hard drive , those for navigation between channels and the mode switch to the DVD / HDD . On the rear panel there are two SCART ports , which allow connection to a TV , and a second device (VCR or satellite receiver ) and an optical output for connection to a coaxial audio broadcasting systems , plus input and output TV .

The user interface is very simple and requires no if not for the cases more details, read the manual supplied with full-bodied .

The menu navigation is straightforward and storing or recording a program (you can also use the Show View) does not require that a few moments. The cancellation of a movie is similar to what we could do with a computer , and once selected the video you just tick the “delete ” button to proceed with the operation.

innovative technology for digital TVThe quality of the video in ” high quality” is comparable to that of a VHS original , as it decays significantly with the two options below . There are also advanced features such as instant replay and the ability to store video on the hard disk , while they are viewing another in a clip (ie a small window ) . The tuner is able to store up to 99 channels .


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