Different types of Internet connections

The Speed ​​Test are able to verify and test the speed of your Internet connection. Thanks to the Speed ​​Test can detect free online and the speed of your Internet connection and your DSL, to find out if the offer of real connectivity is close to that myself.
speed testFor greater reliability of the Speed ​​Test you need to stop during the course of the test, any program that carries out data transfer, download and occupies the band; also agrees to repeat the Speed ​​Test several times, at different times of day.


There are different types of Internet connections; Following are the principal:

  • Analog connection or PSTN , through the normal telephone line will be able to travel at a maximum of 56 kbps to receive (download) and 33 kbps transmission (upload).
  • Connecting ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Digital Network which allows the simultaneous use of voice, fax and data; can reach a top speed of 128 kbps if you use both channels at the same time, otherwise you are traveling at 64 kbps (upload that is down.)
  • Free ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), digital line that allows you to surf at high speed: currently from a minimum of 640 kb / s up to a maximum of 20 Mb / s in download and ADSL2 +, while the upload from a minimum of 256 kbps up to a maximum of 1 Mb / s.
  • Fiber Optical , or band network Broadband allows you to navigate to higher speeds to ADSL: You can get to speeds up to 100 Mb / s in both a download (from the Internet to the PC) and upload (from your PC to the Internet).
    Fibre optics can achieve in the future speed unimaginable at the time: think of that currently in Japan traveling at 1 Gb / s (Gigabit per second) in both download and upload. Besides cable internet connections, are now getting popular and high-performance mobile and wireless internet connections.


See all Speed ​​Test and test your internet connection

With these speed test online you can analyze the speed of your band and find out if your Internet connection is really performance. You will know the performance of your Internet connection: download speed ( speed of data transfer from the server to your computer Speed ​​Test ) and the upload speed ( speed of data transfer from your computer to the server of the Speed ​​Test ). These Speed ​​Test can be used to test the speed of all Internet connections, both fixed (56Kb analogue, ISDN, dual ISDN, ADSL, ADSL2 +, DSL, HDSL, SHDSL, fiber optic) and wireless (WADSL, WSDL) that mobile (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA, 3G, LTE 4G).



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