What is the difference between viruses and malware?

Viruses and malware are not quite the same thing. In this short article I’ll explain then what is the difference between viruses and malware .Remove Fake Antivirus

What is malware?

The term malware (pronounced màluer ) refers to a software designed with the aim to cause harm to the user. The malicious software (ie malware) is not really new, in fact there is already some time that only once the spread of malware was through the so-called floppy disk ; Nowadays, however, the spread is mainly through the Internet (but sometimes also by the common pen / USB flash drive).
Depending on the behavior, you can do basically two main distinctions of malware: the first, is that which concerns the malicious software that need a host program to be executed: in this category are, for example, viruses , trojan horses (also called Trojans ) and backdoor ; the second concerns the malicious software that does not need an actual program to be executed and therefore are completely independent: in this category, for example, are the worms , the zombies and rootkits .

What is the difference between viruses and malware?

A virus (whose term derives from the biological) is a particular type of malware designed with the purpose of replication by infecting other files.
In circulation there are different types of viruses but in general we say that if they can distinguish 5:

  1. The first is the one that infects an executable file with the purpose to activate when it is executed;
  2. The second type creeps into computer RAM memory in such a way to infect any other program that is executed;
  3. A third type of virus infects the boot sector on the other hand (the boot sector ) and is activated as soon as you start the operating system: in this way the virus is already running even before any antivirus (which is why sometimes the ‘ antivirus is blocked );
  4. The fourth type is designed to be not detected by antivirus own (in fact they are called stealth viruses );
  5. The fifth and final type that varies even with each new infection process (that are defined polymorphic viruses )

Regardless of the type, it must be said, however, that to contract a virus does not necessarily have to download strange files: in fact, the virus can be hidden in common documents (in these cases it comes to macro viruses ) Word and Excel (as well as in those PDF), and you can also start them simply by opening an attachment in an e-mail message (if not the message itself).
Nowadays, therefore, have a good antivirus is vital. To this, however, to avoid any possible threat, it should at least complement, as well as a firewall , a good anti malware but remember, however, that there is no absolute protection as the best antivirus, anti malware or firewall that can protect from threats are (and will remain) only you.
At this point you should have understood what is the difference between viruses and malware .