Differences between the platform and the Mac Windows

Are in the software – it will be even more when the Mac hardware will be migrated to Intel processors. The operating system of Apple, said, is based on a Unix ” open” , called BSD ( Berkeley Software Distribution). Experts consider it a mutually agreed basis of the best software in circulation, in particular for the high security and efficiency.


Difference between Windows and Mac software

At this Unix Apple added the MACH kernel (the kernel is the core of operating system , the one that keeps alive the machine ) whose principal author and developer Avie Tevanian , current head of software development house Cupertino , and especially was added a “layer of interface ” user really simple to use. It is clear that “really” mean ” much more than Windows ” Microsoft’s system is simple compared to DOS or Unix command line , but its interface seems born on purpose to get in the way between you and the you want to do , resulting often unnatural and cumbersome.

The interface is designed to work with Mac the user, and is much more usable. For realizing it , just handle it for a few minutes . The maturity of the Unix -based Mac OS X especially noticeable in the ” maintenance” means the machine is running its procedures in fully automatic mode , so Mac users do not know what it means to defragment a disk or hunt down spyware, or lose whole days to put in place the registry (there is ! ) . By the way: in the Mac world , there are no viruses, trojans , malware in general. Then you are surfing the Internet and downloading quiet . Sure, there are hackers , but are blocked easily by the excellent built-in firewall , and many of them then expect to find a Windows computer, where they know enter, and when faced with the tough Unix Mac desist immediately . In short, the Mac security is an island happy . If you are wondering : ” Why, then, are antivirus for Mac? ” , the answer is simple: eliminate the PC viruses that happen to be passing by chance on a Mac where , of course, can not do damage. It is a small favor computer windows macthat Mac users make the unfortunate PC users. In terms of application programs , there are lights and shadows.

The numbers tell us that there are about 3,000 programs for the Mac versus PC for about 20,000 . then many say that Mac “there is no software.” Now, do not know how many of you use 3,000 programs , but in fact all common software or are available for both platforms , or on Mac there is an alternative equal , and sometimes better . Level compatibility of file formats is however, very extensive. Thus, Microsoft Office is on the PC as on the Mac, as well as PhotoShop. On the Mac there is no Nero Burning , but there Roxio Toast , which has more features yet it is more simple to use.

There is no PaintShop Pro , but there are very good free photo editing programs as The Gimp . As always, the Mac is synonymous with multimedia, and software offerings from Apple in this field is unrivaled : Every Mac comes with iLife , a collection of applications that interact seamlessly between and manage their music production ( GarageBand ) storage of songs ( iTunes) , photos ( iPhoto ) creating video (iMovie ) and DVD ( iDVD ) .

These applications allow anyone to get professional-quality results with little effort and time minimum learning on your PC and there is nothing comparable : only single applications that do not talk and each designed with rules and different interfaces. For those who want to level up , Apple also offers solutions for advanced users and professional audio video ; prices , in this case , a long climb . But then, what ‘s wrong ? Well, several things . For example, there are no games .

Or rather , there are , but they are very few , say no more than four / five new interesting titles each year. And often it is conversions from PC , in delay of two or three years , and then already technically obsolete . In terms of software “Serious” , almost all the specific software accounting, warehouse, but also for the budget family are in practice only for Windows. Worse still , many banks offer services of ” home banking “, ie management via Internet bank account , only to computer Windows. And if you use software specific professions – management of doctors , notaries, shops and so on – very difficult Also you will find solutions for Mac in the database , the situation is not rosy :

Access, the most popular PC databases , it is not available , on the other hand are FileMaker, a sophisticated program storage with a learning curve much more rapid than that of Access, but according to some not yet height . Another major problem , then , is the availability : even if a program exists in a version for the Mac, are very few shops in Italy where you can buy it. Eventually, the software must obtain it via the Internet ( in online stores , or otherwise) . It is said that there is a Italian version of your favorite program , obviously. In summary : if you like (or are professionals ) multimedia, Mac is the ideal computer , but if you need to do “serious ” – working with specific programs , or maybe created especially for you or your company – or maybe the your bank does not support it , unfortunately you have to give to Apple. Sure, there are emulators (like VirtualPC ) to run Windows software on the Mac, but they poor performance , and in any case just enough to programs that are not too heavy.

But … has not said its last word . On the new Intel-based Macs can indeed also run Windows , as an alternative to Mac OS X. a Mac of this kind does everything that makes a Windows machine, but in addition works with Mac OS X. If they are sold at a price similar to that of a normal PC , there will be very few plausible reasons not to change his … party

Difference Windows Mac software


Software Platform PC (Windows)

• 95% of the market
• Easy to find an expert to help us
• Easy to find technical information about Italian magazines
• Cost savings thanks to competition from dozens of brands
• Total freedom to modify the machine according to your wishes
• Very wide availability of software
• Vast availability of hardware
• Approximately 30,000 active viruses in circulation install Avast! Free Antivirus
• Highly vulnerable to attacks from spyware, Trojan horses, hackers
• Strongly subject to problems of incompatibility between the various hardware components and between the latter and the various software installed
• User interface cumbersome
• Quality of the software extremely variable
• Very fast obsolescence

Software Platform PC (Mac)

• Seamless integration between hardware and software
• Operating system Unix-based open
• Excellent management of multimedia, even at the professional level
• User interface very clear and ergonomic
• Software series of high quality
• Stylish design
• Infrequent
• Network of little sale capillary
• Difficult to find experts that put the “tough questions”
• Software will generally not be found
• Availability of games minimum
• Very little Italian software for accounting applications (also homemade), finance and the like
• Availability limited hardware
• Choice of Devices Limited
• One manufacturer: Apple


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