Difference between antivirus and antimalware

What is the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware?

Before understanding what is the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware we have to understand what a virus is a malware . Often the term virus is used as a synonym for malware. A virus is a malware, but we can not say the opposite. To clarify our ideas begin to give the definition of malware. A malware (English malicious and software ) is a program capable of jeopardizing the proper functioning of a computer or a computer system on which it runs. Fall into the category of malware adware, backdoors, dialers, hijackers, keyloggers, rabbit, rootkits, scareware, spyware, Trojan horses, worms and viruses, all those software that can cause damage to a computer, and at worst endanger our privacy. A virus is therefore a type of malware, which has featured the ability to replicate itself and spread from one computer to another. Detects and removes spyware
The confusion between the two terms is due to the fact that today’s antivirus trace and eliminate not only the virus but also other forms of malicious software that fall into the category of malware.


Antivirus and antimalware together?

After realizing what is the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware is questionable whether an antivirus is sufficient to protect a computer? It is best to use an anti-malware or we can use antivirus and antimalware together?
In Web, in addition to anti-virus can also be found many anti-malware programs. This is because, with the proliferation of increasingly complex threats and difficult to detect and remove, the focus has shifted from viruses and spyware to the development of programs created specifically for the purpose of fighting the “malicious code” in all its variants .
A antimalware but should not be seen as a replacement for an antivirus but as a complementary program, designed primarily to ensure continued protection in real time against zero-day threats, or those malware that exploit bugs not yet known and for which no has yet to release a patch (executable file created to solve a programming error).
Tile antivirus and antimalware on the same computer, avoiding possible conflicts between the two, it could prove a prudent choice, useful to fight all types of infections in digital can compromise the stability of the system but especially the integrity of personal data.


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