How to Create a Web page

How to create a Web page or an entire site, in a few easy steps.

Some programs for the creation of websites are now a disarming ease: they do not require any knowledge of HTML, much less Flash, yet allow you to obtain products of excellent quality. WebSite X5 is an excellent example: it is a product that, as the saying goes, “easier you can not”!

The user can even do away with the menu, relying exclusively on a wizard that guides you, step by step, in the management of the entire hierarchy of the site and individual pages, proposing templates, patterns and color combinations. The program is available as shareware, free trial version works as a mese.Vediamo basis.

Download the program from the site

Once you have completed the installation, the wizard will start construction of sito.Avete the ability to access a large number of tutorials (you need to have a connection to the Internet) or, alternatively, to acquire material a Gallery or by a series of templates. By choosing to access, at least for the first time, the tutorial opens a Web page that will be shown all the steps for the successful implementation of a site. This is a basic guide, but not trivial: from the creation of the site map to the management of the material to be included in the pages, the subsequent export to the servers that host the site.

Follow another tutorial, reserved for the management of a Web page There is a fine library of templates: they are organized by category and, in most cases, have been produced by others and made available to all. Have to pay: the cost is always very low (a few Euros). If you decide to proceed on your own, without wizards, start the wizard: the process is neat and intuitive.


create a Web page or an entire siteSelect the option “Create a new project” or, if you are editing an old job, select ” Modify an existing project . ” The wizard continues, you need to specify some general information, such as the site title, author name, address, and final, the most important thing, a series of key words that will help the search engines to index your web site next step is the choice of style. The system provides several basic shapes and, for each of them, some color variations. Color can also be changed in hue, making it lighter or darker areas are common to all pages.

The choice, in this case, it is very personal though, as always, it is a principle of common sense: elegance and simplicity always agree …

The next step is certainly among the most important, if not the most importante.Dovete organize the site map, with its hierarchy. Automatically creates the Home page: the one, referred to as “index”, will represent the starting point of navigazione.È appropriate to assign a meaningful name to all pages. Once the structure, select and open each page. In each inserted (thanks to the icons at the top right), the individual items you want to display. In the template on the left, the elements are identified by an icon significant.

When you select an item, it is shown in the preview. In the head area of ​​the current page template includes some simple editing commands and structuring.

Click “Next” you will pass in the settings avanzate.A Despite the name, this only serves to define the shape and appearance of the navigation menu, which will appear on the left of this page. The only two choices: a static menu or pop-up. Selecting one or the other, the system also allows you to perform some customizations. Style on the right side of the page are automatically shown the lists of pages already provided for in the structure. The export phase involves the insertion of a few key figures: the ‘ FTP address and data on (username and password). These data are provided by the provider at the time of subscription to the service. Here is the final result displayed in a browser: For a low-end product the result is not bad!