Create a video with music

The recent times have seen the interesting web services looming able to offer users of different potential and very interesting. From custom icons to “editing” of images, we have really seen a myriad of portals that have undoubtedly caught our attention.

Today, we talk instead of Clipgenerator, a web service which allows you to create directly online video ready with our photos directly loaded from the archive of the PC.

Its nature, however not already offers a high customization service, although the portal is well made, since you can only choose which images to put in your movie without being able, therefore, to intervene on the installation, resulting however of more than pleasing results.

Available in German and English, Clipgenerator is firstly choose which music video is to be the background of your creation. Once selected, click “Personalize” and accepted the terms of use. Now, depending on the length of the movie you can load a set number of photos or videos, which will then be automatically entered in the video.

No need to obviously fill the required slot, but it is clear that if you want a different video that does not always repeat the same images or sequences, it would be better to insert as much as possible.

At the end, the bottom left you will see a small preview of what you have created. If satisfy you can not go back and make your changes, otherwise enter the e-mail address to which you want to send the movie, its format, you accepted the notification at the bottom and then click on “Create My Clip.”

Simple and interesting. To try.