Create a theme with effects and soundtrack

Create a beautiful soundtrack requires good taste and a careful assembly, in the case of a symbol duration is minimal, but more so it is necessary to realize a musical score that supports images without being too invasive. Often the effects are sufficient , in other cases it is necessary to find a piece of music instead ad hoc choosing a genre that reflects the message you want to give.
Before proceeding it is important to remember that the music is almost always copyright protected so it can not be used without grumbling , unless you insert it in an amateur production that will never be shown in public. In all other cases, you must pay royalties , obtain free music from the same or better yet have them at home using one of the many tools available on the market. In the case of Pinnacle Studio Plus we even provide an integrated module , called SmartSound , able to produce a music from some information such as duration, gender and preferred variant . In addition to music , an important role is played by the sound effects.

files in Windows Media Player


With Pinnacle Studio Plus provides an extensive library of effects and many more can be found on the Web or even created their own advantage , for example, the digital camera’s microphone . Any type of audio you choose to use will be entered into production in the form of clips, visible in the movie.
Once you’ve added to your movie, you can edit the sound clip by adjusting the intensity of the volume and entering assolvenze or fade , or adjust the position of the clip in a stereo or surround mix , shifting the position within the clip itself. Finally, you can manipulate the clip by applying the most diverse effects, such as noise reduction and reverberation . In our case we will use the module to quickly create SmartSound background music .
First we select the clip in order to define the total duration of the soundtrack, and then activate the SmartSound tool , specifying the style, song and version from the available list. Each style is associated with a number of tracks , and each track a number of versions. Pressing the Preview button can listen to the song while the tool is open. In the Name field you can enter your name for the clip , and the Duration counter allows you to vary the length of the song. To use the effects in SmartSound simply select ” Sound Effects ” instead of “Music” in the Type dropdown .
Once you get the result you want to do is click on the button ” Add to Movie ” . Studio creates the new clip in the background music track , starting at the current time index . Then use the built-in mixer to adjust the levels of the different audio tracks , or intervene directly on the timeline.


answersTaking advantage of the overlay video track and the effect of Picture in Picture can easily superimpose the background video a second video that adds dynamism to the acronym. In our case we have used several times the effect in such a way as to show different videos in different positions after some time

Create a theme song for the movie with Pinnacle Studio