How to create a temporary email address

On the net there are many services that used to be unaregistrazione require mandatory.This obviously according to the type of service, for example in a forum compulsory registration is required in order to postaremessaggi, while for the read-only this is not required (the majority of the time).

However, there are special services that, once registered an account, the relevant data are supplied to third parties for advertising purposes.
In these cases will only end up with time to prune our inbox flooded with spam, that is precisely the email advertising, surely very annoying.

For this reason, there are special services that allow the creation of a temporary email account, to be used just to register the various sites, so be sure that our original email box is not altered.

The decision to enter a random address is often adopted, but not efficient, because the services send an email confirmation, without which it will be impossible to complete the registration.

Today we offer a service that will allow us to create a temporary account, to be used for recording on various online sites, and ready elimination at the first sign of spam.

The service is called  Dispostable , and we find it to this address.

With Dispostable, without any registration, we can create an unlimited number of email accounts, simply by entering a name, so to get addresses of type “”

All addresses created will be displayed in the list on the right, they do not expire, and must be manually deleted by clicking on “clear recent inboxes,” to be carried out when we start to receive the first email of spam, in this case, you just create another so just as simple.


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