Create Screenshots and Share them online

The upload of photos on various servers allows us to easily share them, doing so in fact, to all those who want to show the pictures just provide you the direct link to it, and not the image itself, which still definitely not reach a weight indifferent.
For this reason they were born services designed specifically for this purpose, the famous services of “image hosting” which allow you to upload photos to your server, and thus get the direct link to display them, so you can share them in various forums, chat , social networks and so on.
The main problem is the weather, which as we know, the more you save, the better, to upload photos several steps, and of course the time is necessary lengthen if the images are large, typically must access the service use the “browse” function to load the image from the computer, and thus confirm and wait for the upload, which is not always carried out at full speed.
The program that we present today was created in order to be able to create screenshots from the screen and post them directly online by uploading the image to a specific server (or your own server using the FTP function), but using a little trick we can also publish online our photos in a time that is already too small to say!
The program is called Screen Snapr, it is free and we can pick it up from here .
Once downloaded, start it, how you can see the program will start immediately, it does not require installation.
The main menu has several options including one that allows us to start the program automatically when Windows starts, you should enable dual screen, use the short url service for the publication of the images, and then, all fields are present to be completed if we want to publish the pictures in our FTP server.
For the creation of the screenshot just press “Ctrl + 1” the screen will go gray, then drag with the mouse a selection of the area that we want to capture, once the image is first loaded online release the mouse button, which will link automatically copied to the clipboard so you can paste it wherever we want.
According to this principle to load our online photos simply display it on the screen, and then draw the selection inside of it, here is first ready for sharing online.