Create music with your computer

The music is increasingly popular today: we listen to the CD and Vecchi LP, radio, television, in video games, movies and also we download from the Internet in MP3 format. It is natural that with such a large spread, a good portion of us are passionate about and try to emulate their idols playing for fun tools more different. Even the personal computer is taking on the role, increasingly officer, ” musical instrument “through a special type of program called” sequencer “is software that use different technologies to record, schedule and play music, while leaving all ‘ user all the power and decision-making on their own creative work.

Let us see what are the main technologies in the service of music lovers on your computer.



The MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard with a history of almost twenty years. It is, in practice, of a language by which electronic instruments of different bill communicate between themselves and with the computer and are therefore able to operate in “remotely”, that is, indirectly.programs to create music

Just as words can describe the emotions, so the MIDI describes the content of a musical composition: MIDI is concerned that encode information about the execution of a given musical passage. Let’s understand with an example. Suppose you have a musical keyboard: on it you press a button, the DO-third from the left; If your keyboard has a MIDI interface, this will translate to action in a command. This means that via the MIDI keyboard will pass instructions similar to these: ” play the note ‘C3’ (C stands for DO in the Anglo-Saxon notation) with a ‘velocity’ of 120 (velocity indicates the amount of pressure and is expressed in values ​​from 0 to 127). ”

It is important to emphasize that the MIDI and audio CD not only use different technologies, but are also based on totally different principles; in a MIDI file “describe” a passage of music in audio CD (or nell’MP3) is instead “physically contained” a musical passage already fully expressed.

The MIDI interface

is presented, with outlets called “five-pin” (as they have 5-pin) and operates in a way: for this reason requires a connection IN (input) and OUT (output). Thanks to the MIDI standard, modern computers scan check synthesizers, sound modules, samplers and of course, the internal sound card to your computer. Therefore, we can record MIDI files produced by our musical keyboard, edit on your PC, and finally play them through our sound card or the same keyboard that created them. The possibilities are endless on the Internet, for example, there are tens of thousands of MIDI files ready to be used, perhaps as bases, or, again in violation of any copyright, modified to your liking.


Digital Audio

The digital audio was introduced in the early 80s by two giants such as Philips and Sony CD Audio, and then developed to date with new technologies such as DVD-Audio and MP3. Digital recording audio on a computer instead has a fairly recent history, since it requires computer capable of performance even imaginable just a few years ago. Today, however, it is not unusual to record and play back digital audio tracks composed by even 32 instruments playing simultaneously. Digital audio is very demanding for the computer think a minute of recorded music in CD quality mono and requires less than 5 MB of hard disk space. This means that if we record a song for a period of 5 minutes including a voice, two guitars, a bass, drums and keyboards, stereo, we will need about 200 Mb (8 instruments for 5 minutes to 5 Mb per minute) of space Free!

The big advantage of digital audio lies in the possibility of carrying out work to a professional level using only their personal home computer, and maybe even print your own CD if you have a recorder connected to the PC.


How it’s made a sequencer

As you can see in the form you will find on this page, the offer of sequencing programs is wide and covers almost all the needs of the market. However, most of these products have some common features, which let’s examine them one by one.

Download programs to create music with your pc for free.

As we said there are several companies that produce sequencer able to cover all the needs of amateurs and professionals.

Here are the programs most commonly used by lovers of electronic music:

  • Cakewalk: on you can download a working demo. Cubase and Cubasis: often at the forefront of new technologies in the proposal.
  • Look (in Italian) for a working demo and more information.
  • Logic Audio : program which exists in several versions including one called Logic Fun, distributed free of charge.programs to create music
  • Look at the Apple website for more information, to download the demo and take appropriate freeware Logic Studio .
  • Digital Orchestrator: excellent and inexpensive program for newbies, but without all the professional features of the programs mentioned above, is a more simple approach to the world of PC recording.
  • Visit our website  for information and to download the demo.
  • Magix Music Studio : well-known thanks to an advertising campaign on popular TV channels with a musical theme. It’s a good sequencer amateur, often with features borrowed from relatives more famous. On the Internet at . Create Music with Magix Music Make
  • N-Track Studio: great program and easy to use with professional features, this is one of the most talked-about software in Network; on the site find the downloadable demo with the possibility of on-line registration and, unbelievable, the program is also available in Italian.
  • PowerTracks Pro Audio: a program without many pretensions and quick to learn. More information at