Create Text Templates by using Word

Even with Office you can create text templates , ie the default files with specific formatting .
The custom template What are the models ?
That’s quicker to explain it with an example: the white sheet that appears when you start Word is a model.
It is a particular Word file called ” Normal.dotm ” ( for earlier versions of Word was the extension DOT) that contains all the formatting information from applicare.Per example, using the default font Calibri size 11 , right-aligned , with specific page margins , line spacing, text color, and so on. You do not have to adapt to this scheme but you can create others to be added to those already present in the program. We begin by discovering the existence of other Word templates that are not the usual ” white paper .” Start Word , click the Office button, then click ” New”.
In the ” New Document ” on the left column , you can see all models already in your computer ( click on ” Installed Templates ” ) or those to be downloaded through the website of Office Online directly from this window (there ‘ you then need to start the browser, it is sufficient to be connected to the Internet) .
The model that we see in the picture , for example, is already set for the creation of a fax machine, once selected this model , you can fill out the document and save it as a normal Create models wordWord file without changing its nature as a DOT file that can come in handy on other occasions when you have to prepare other documents to be faxed . To create a template from scratch all your own, you should at least have an idea in his head of how it should be : maybe with your top header , an image or a decorative item , your signature , a particular font , page margins different from the usual. To get started, click the Office button in the upper left , then click ” New” and on the ” Blank Document ” .
Proceed by clicking on the Create button in the lower right corner . Now is the time to put all the elements in the document that you want to include in the model can be both formatting commands ( font style , size, color ) and the text that should always appear , or an image watermark . In the example we set a watermark image with the word ” Confidential” ( fits clicking on ” Page Layout ” and then click “Watermark ” in the ” Page Background ” ), then we have written a header and added a colored and shaded horizontal line as a room divider , and finally we set the margins by clicking on ” margins” always in the ” page Layout ” . When you have finished creating the template, you must save it : Click the Office button and select ” Save As” . As for saving any file , you must choose the model name and the folder in which to store it .
For the name you are free to choose what you want , for the location of the rescue we advise you to click on the ” Trusted Templates ” that is proposed in the upper left of the window to save. The choice of file type , however, can be two-fold: DOTX format is typical of the models can only be used with Word ( DOTM is always for the same program and allows you to include macros ) . In the drop- down menu ” File Types ” you can also select ” Word Template ” . In this way you will save the model in DOT format , also compatible with older versions of the computer text .
When you want to use this template to write your letters start Word , click the Office button, click “New” and then ” Templates” . A window will open where you can select your specific model. If you look at the options in this pane, you will see that you can decide whether to open this to create a new document (ie to begin to write a text inside ) or to change the model itself : in this case you will need to select the ” Model ” in the box in the lower right of the same window . Most of the times you will have to create a new document , then you will not have to change the default setting.

Microsoft Office Word Macro

The default Word template , as already mentioned, is that of the blank sheet of paper with the default settings that we are all more or less accustomed to using (or suffer) when you press the commands for creating a new document. The name of this model is ” Normal.dotm ” , and is called default because it opens automatically if you do not select any other model in its place. If you want to be automatically opened in your model , the road is a bit ‘ uphill : Word , in fact, considered to be only a default template file called ” Normal.dotm ” . This means that you should replace, modify the original one with yours. We advise you not to make this substitution and keep the default document .