Create diagrams Openoffice Draw

Openoffice Draw lets you easily create diagrams, organizational charts, and diagrams.


Create organization charts and diagrams with openoffice

Openoffice program indispensable officeDraw replaces Openoffice lets you easily create diagrams , organizational charts , and diagrams. Among the programs of the excellent free suite (IT) Draw lets you create simple and quick diagrams, especially useful to put pen to paper ideas , structures , organizational charts , maps and many other types of projects.   Start Draw ( from the program group , in the “All Programs ” ) and start creating a generic organizational chart with several rectangular boxes of different colors, indicating the hierarchy of a company. What to do? Simple: select the rectangle tool with a click of the mouse and various tracciatene in the worksheet .

logo openofficeAs always, the best way to draw two or more elements (rectangles ) is equal to create one and then duplicate it with CTRL + C and CTRL + V. Once you have placed some rectangles on the sheet , you can change into any graphic detail , for example, the fill color. Just click with the right mouse button on one of them and choose the “Area” , then the fill color voluto.In Alternatively, you can directly use the right color when drawing freehand , choosing from the list box at the top. Now add the text inside the box . Choose One-click the Text tool in the toolbar at the bottom, then click on the rectangle to write. The text is automatically placed in a centered, and you can also go to the head , if the rectangle is high enough. If it is not , select it and act with the mouse to drag the handles on the blue contorno.Vediamo now how to create a flowchart, which provides various geometric shapes and connecting lines. Open a new blank document, always within Draw.   Turn on the grid to place everything in order : just go to View / Grid – Show Grid . At this point, in the main toolbar , click the appropriate button for the Flowchart ( flow charts ), and then select the item to be inserted.

For your convenience, we have ” disconnected ” from the toolbar bottom of the screen , using the mouse. Again , as seen above , you can choose the color of the object of the flowchart , before or after you draw it , using its selection box . To change elements after their selection , just select it with a click, then select the new color . Once selected , you can also drag the mouse edges (indicated by blue squares ) to change its shape elastically , or click in the center and move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button. Diagram made with draw

Open Office Draw , allows you to create diagrams and organization charts As seen above , enter text by selecting the appropriate tool bar and click on each item to write .

Create diagrams Openoffice Draw

Once you have completed the scheme , to insert the arrow keys , use the tool ” Line Ends with Arrow ,” in the toolbar strumenti.In some cases it may be helpful to enter free text in the diagram, for example in terms of “decision” a flowchart , or ” Yes” and ” No”. To do this simply select the Text tool , by selecting the appropriate button of strumenti.Fate click at the point where you want to write , enter the text and then use your mouse over the blue squares of the outline of the object to change its size , or hold down the left mouse button at the center of the text box to move it where you want. Now there are only arrows indicating the flow of diagramma.Selezionate the Line tool in the box of the drawing tools : in this way you can draw simple lines. The last part you instead click on ” Line Ends with Arrow .” As always, a good tip is to draw a line with the arrow and then use CTRL + C and CTRL + V to copy and reproduce it in another part of the diagramma.Il result will be Create diagrams Openoffice Draw much cleaner and graphically symmetrical .

We remind you that you can also use OpenOffice as an alternative to Word due to the write program . allows you to open and edit documents created with Office Import images from all common formats ( including BMP , GIF, JPEG , PNG , TIFF and WMF) . Use the connection Draw to create Flash ( . Swf)   If you are looking for a software professional organization for the Dia program might be right for you, Dia is Free Software released under the GNU compatible with Windows 8 , Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are supported versions 32 – bit and 64- bit versions of Windows Linux and Mac OS X ( EN) Homepage of Openoffice Draw