Create and manage compressed files with WinRAR

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager.When you have to deal with compressed files , the majority of users immediately think of software such as WinZip or feature “Folders tabs ” inside Windows . However, there is an alternative program and definitely valid : WinRAR . It is a shareware software , after the evaluation period of 40 days , you will need to register your copy .

Despite this, you can use it after this period with the limitation of a small banner at each startup of the program. One of the best features of WinRAR is the feature that allows you to split archives into smaller parts , to simplify sending email or downloading via the Internet. We see in this article how to download, install and start using it.


  1. Download and install Open the website . Click the Downloads link and then , at the section ” Localized WinRAR versions ” , click on the item English. A new dialog box will appear and you can choose where to save the file to install WinRAR. Double-click the file you just downloaded , and proceed to install the program.
  2.  After installation, you will see the dialog “Setting WinRAR ” . Under Associated to WinRAR archives format , remove the check mark next to the item Zip if you already have WinZip installed on your system . Also, check that the section Integrate WinRAR into Explorer are selected all of your options before you click OK. You will see a dialog box to inform you of the completion of the installation process . Click the Close button.archives in RAR and ZIP file format
  3. To create a compressed ZIP archive , select the files you want to include and then click on one of them with the right mouse button . In the menu that appears , position of WinRAR and select Add to a store …. In the dialog box , select the Archive name and parameters option at the section ZIP archive format . Also , use the drop-down method of compression to choose the level of compression you want. In this context, the best option produces files with smaller dimensions , but requires more time. Generally the Normal option is more than enough. Click OK to create the archive .
  4. Extract the files The fastest way to extract files from a ZIP archive is to click it with the right mouse button and choose the Extract here , in the section WinRAR . In this way will extract the contents of the archive into the current folder. You can get more control over this process using voice Extract the files .
  5. Create a RAR archive In the picture you are compressing a large video file and the subsequent division of the archive in “packets” of small size , suitable to be sent via e-mail. In general, the video files are already subject to compression , therefore, do not expect a significant gain in space more than anything else it is useful to be able to split the file into a certain number of packets. Click with the right mouse button on the file to be compressed and , at the section WinRAR , opt for the item Add to archive . In the now familiar dialog box ” Archive name and parameters” , make sure that the item is set to RAR archive format
  6. Splitting large file dimension The option Split into volumes of bytes used to set the size of individual packages that will be generated. The goal is to create packages from a Mb each, then enter the value in this field 1M . Use the drop down menu Compression Method for deciding the level of compression to be used in the generation of the archive. In this context, the choice of the best voice will take longer and will not bring significant benefits : therefore opt for the Normal option . When ready , click OK . To reconstruct the original file, in the future , simply select the first file and click Extract to .




Preleva WinRAR WinRAR is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 version: 32 bit or 64 bit