Create a movie using Windows Movie Maker

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Create a movie using Windows Movie Maker

Turn your movie into a professional video . Headlines Transforming a home movie in a real movie , with opening titles and closing credits , it is not a complicated job , and do not even need professional video editing programs . Just use software that all have access to free , or Windows Movie Maker. Start Windows Movie Maker, and open a new project: just go to File / New Project. First you need to import the movie to work : go to File / Import into Collections .

Windows Movie Maker - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista.Then choose the video from the resources of Windows.Windows Movie Maker only accepts certain video formats: ASF, AVI , WMV , MPEG , MPG, MLV and MP2 . If the video in question is not saved in one of these formats , do not despair : there are programs specifically designed to change the size of your video , and are very easy to use. After importing the video (this is indicated by a bar and the waiting time ) , this appears in the working window , ready to be reworked . For example , you can take only the parts of the video that you are interested in , and storyboard drag on the bar , next to ” Video” . It’s time to get to the heart of the work. In the main menu , go to Tools / Titles and awards .

Select among the proposed options , the entry “Add title at the beginning of the movie .” In this way the title will not overlap the image, but will be automatically placed at the beginning , before the images. You will see a window divided into two parts . At the top you write the title (or initial message ) : this will show up directly on the preview screen , right, great . In the box below you insert a caption that will appear smaller , below the main title. At this point you can decide whether to leave the title as well as the program offers it , or customize it as you like. In the second case , click on ” Change the title animation ” . You can choose between many effects : try to test more than one, it’s easy! Just click on the name of the effect, and Windows Movie Maker will play it on the screen, to the right. Try to choose from, for example, ” ticker tape ” .

After deciding which graphic effects animation you like more , click on ” Edit the title text .” Start by changing the background color : just click on the small colored square to the left . A window will appear with many colors to choose from: click on the square with the color that you like, then press “OK” . Now you can also choose the color of the text by selecting the square with the “A” on the left. Repeat the same operation as before, choosing a color for your title , then press “OK”. You can also choose the size of the text of the title: the handle to the left under “Size”, serves to enlarge the character , while the right is used to shrink it the same way you can choose how to align your text , deciding where to place it to the right, left or centered : select one of three options under the heading Location. You can also make your writing more or less transparent , thanks to the transparency .

Give it a try : move to the right shade of transparency , as you will see text and color fade . Now we have to choose the font , scrolling the drop down menu of the same name . You just have to be spoiled for choice . Choose the font that best matches the title or the images of the short film.

After customizing your title , click on “Finish , add the title to your movie .” If you change your mind about some details , you can repeat the previous steps and change one or more particular . It’s time to decide how long the title will appear on the screen, and its speed. Change is easy: just click on the first part of the video, right on the corner , where you will see your way small. You will see two red arrows . Turn your video into a professional video .

Drag the title to the right if you want it to be longer, or to the left, if you prefer it short . Step up to this point to the end credits , or thanks. With the mouse, move the blue line on the point in the video where you must get your written final , then click again to Tools / Championships and accomplishments . ” This time, choose ” Title on the selected clip ” . Enter text for the title, after which you can customize it exactly as seen in the initial title . Then click “Done , add title to your movie .” Insufficient anchor the latest steps to make your perfect video: recognition of new finali.Fate click on Tools / Titles and credits to the last, important step. Select ” Add the accolades at the end of the movie .” You will see a grid on which to write .

On the first line , for example, should I add the “participants” or the “actors” and there are no limits to the imagination . Below you can enter the names of people who contributed to the making of the video , and next , their roles , or nicknames . As before, fonts and colors are customizable. To make absolutely entertaining your movie , you can add transition effects at the beginning of the credits , or the end of the initial title . What to do? It’s easy: go to Tools / video transitions . A screen full of effects to be inserted. You can pick any , and try them all until you find one that is right for you . Once you have located you simply drag it to the most appropriate point in the video . In our case, before the end credits. The movie is ready : remember to save your project ! Manufacturer’s Site

Windows Movie Maker is a Free video creating/editing software application, designed for Windows Me, XP and Vista. Also works with latest Windows7 & Windows 8.

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