Control Panel for Windows

We continue the journey into the Control Panel of Windows  . This exhibition concludes the guided exploration in one of the most useful sections of the operating system, which should always be approached with caution: in the next lines you will understand the areas in which you can move with ease and in such other you must be careful to not mess up the default options. As the pilot of a modern airplane has a panel with all the tools that guarantee a flight as safe as possible, so the user may use the Windows Control Panel to manage the functions of the operating system. In fact, however, some programs “escape” from this rule because they take their instruments, but this fact does not detract from the need to know at least the basic features of the Control Panel to “fly” safely along the routes of Windows.

The first, easy settings in the Control Panel

windows logo microsoft corporationWe begin our analysis by accessibility , a number of settings that allow independent use of the computer for some handicapped. The first tab of the Accessibility changing the use of the keyboard, for example, you can compose key combinations that include SHIFT, CTRL, ALT and pressing them one at a time rather than all together. The second tab is reserved for people with hearing loss because it allows you to associate visual cues and captions to traditional acoustic signals. The tab ” Screen “provides functionality to monitor and increase the contrast to make reading easier, while in” Mouse “activates the control of the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad latter function involves the complete replacement of the mouse with the keyboard, which can also be used to simply click and drag and drop operations.

Finally, it remains the tab ” General “, which allows you to determine how to enable and disable the settings established with Accessibility. In most circumstances it will be necessary to intervene Settings. In fact, if we exclude special cases, its settings are performed by the dealer from whom you purchased the PC, and that steps should be taken to install the software. In any case, this is the place to establish the parameters for displaying the date, numbers, time, and so forth, elements for which there is no international standard. Suffice it to say that for us the comma is the decimal separator, while Anglo-Saxon countries is used as a thousands separator. These settings will automatically result in the selection of the country (Italian standard in our case). However, it is interesting to know that you can edit each element, which is particularly useful in the case of the currency (relative to the logging tab, you can set the decimal with the standard settings are not expected, since the lyre cents were not used in Unlike what happens now with the euro).

The settings for the keyboard are extremely subjective. It is up to the user to determine which is the ” repeat delay “, ie the amount of time that elapses before a character is repeated when the corresponding button is pressed. tab “Language” allows you to set the keyboard type that is loaded every time you turn on your computer. The characters available, in fact, vary according to the choice made ​​in this window. For example, lowercase accented vowels are characteristics of our language, but if you opt for a different language to the same keys match different characters.


Install printers

The Printers icon gives you access to the dialog box of the same name. Here you see the icon ” Add a printer “that will be useful to install any kind of printer, always in this window, also, you will see an icon for each printer installed on your system. Accordingly, you may see icons that do not correspond to a device “physical” but only to a function available: an example is given by the usual program to send faxes via the analog modem, installing the so-called “virtual printers” with the task of simulating the operations of printing a fax. In any case, only one of the printers will be listed as “Default Printer” (the device is marked with a small “v” white on a black field). This feature means that all Windows programs use the device as shown when the print order is issued, unless the user explicitly states its intention to use one different. Consequently, it is comfortable granting this right to the printer that are expected to be used more often and the transaction does not occur at all difficult: just click with the right mouse button on the icon corresponding to the selected printer and from the menu choose ” Set as the default . ” In the same menu is also crucial the command ” Properties “through which you can access a number of settings of their device model selected. As a result, the contents of the window varies depending on the driver supplied by the printer manufacturer. In principle, it will always be possible to perform operations such as checking the ink levels, cleaning and aligning the print head and the nozzle check.


Arrange the Internet Options

Anyone who surfs the Net with Internet Explorer browser, sooner or later will need to access the settings grouped under the name Internet Options. Many choices will shape the way people interact with the Web and whether the “General” tab is not so fundamental (though, to save time at the beginning of navigation, we suggest you select “Blank Page” in the “Home Page”) ” Security “and” Privacy “, are important for determining what should be the level of security. In principle, the more the latter is high, the greater the limitations encountered during navigation. In case of doubt, you tend to always choose the default or the one immediately more restrictive (level Middle-High). It will then be appropriate to analyze each case to their needs, for example those with children at home and want to allow them to use the computer will do well to set the Security level for this zone “restriction sites” to “High”, ie the maximum possible. Also interesting is the “Connections” tab that enables the user to set the parameters required to connect to the Internet, simply by following a step-by-step.


The tab ” Programs “is to set the default programs, which is used automatically unless the user several choices from time to time, to perform operations connected to the web, for example here is that you set the application used to manage e- mail. Mailbox is not anything different from what the words suggest. It is here that the data are given as the user name and the password of your e-mail box and other, less intuitive, such as POP and SMTP addresses that correspond to the servers for incoming and outgoing messages. In practice, typing these addresses (which must be provided by your ISP) you instruct the mail program which email service you use (so what server entry and exit you will support). The same data can be indicated by the appropriate commands for the application you use to manage your e-mail address. For example, in the case of Windows Live Hotmail, simply click on “Tools”, “Account” and then click the Properties item.


Managing Password

The Password window for that icon is used to set the Windows password, which in turn allows you to boot the system and benefit from the ability to save personal settings, such as the arrangement of objects on the desktop, the list of recently used documents and so on. Setting this password can be useful when more people have access to your computer, because different system settings for each user, but it is completely unnecessary when the PC is used exclusively by one person. The same goes for the button ” Change Customizing the Taskbarpassword other “that provides access to options to set and change” slogan “relating to the internal network and then determine the access privileges to other computers. Recall that this password does not ensure the confidentiality of the documents contained in the PC, it does not prevent access to the computer if the operating system startup, when you see the mask that requires username and password, you click on the “Cancel” button, is guaranteed to anyone access to your PC as a general user.

The latter will not have customizations set by the user with a password, but you can access all the data in undisturbed (unless they are protected with other systems more effective).

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