Connect the USB scanner

The French have given up. Not even them, they translate everything, they managed to find a clear deadline that should identify in their own language, the scanner, that is, the device that allows you to scan an image making slide over a beam of light.

USB scanner The procedure has some points of similarity with what happens in a photocopier: even there a light beam “reads” the image, but in the case of the copier traditional light is deflected on a photosensitive drum, while in the scanner the reflected light is captured by a sensor which then sends it to the computer in the form of electrical signals.

The procedure is called the “acquisition” of an image. In this case, therefore, the word is Italian, and it would be good to avoid certain italianizzazioni really bad, like “scan” or even gruesome, such as “slaughter” … In the manual, which is reported in these pages, we show you how to connect a scanner USB to the PC. The procedure for other systems, such as Macintosh, is very similar. The scanner is a delicate precision device and therefore should be treated with care.

USB scanner

The packaging is often meticulous, given that the producer takes a series of measures to prevent that during transport the device run risks. First, then, you must carefully read the manual to find out what is needed to connect the scanner to the computer. The steps can vary from scanner to scanner. You have to extract all the contents of the box and you decide to move your scannerimmediately identify the user and each additional sheet: the latter often contain very important information. In our case, there is also a yellow sheet, visible on the left, which shows the steps you must take to unlock the scanner. If, in the future, you decide to move your scanner, you will need to remember to lock it by following the instructions in the manual. The instructions say, first, to unlock the scanning unit.

To do so, please press the switch on the bottom of the scanner selector must be moved from the “closed lock” to “open padlock“. During the operation, the scanner does not go upside down: you have to place it cut, not to exceed an angle of 90 degrees to the table.

Now you can return the scanner to a horizontal position and place it near your computer. The scanner box at our disposal there is a single cable, since the model under consideration does not require external power. The cable used to connect the scanner to the computer: the end of the wider connector will be connected to the computer, while the other will be connected to the scanner. Turn off the computer and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. Do the same for any external peripherals.

Locate the USB connector, usually found on the back of the PC. If in doubt, consult your computer’s manual; however, locate the USB ports is not difficult: they are small and rectangular and usually there are two identical items next to each other. The connector on the scanner is a bit ‘different, so as to avoid confusion. Both the jack on the computer, and that the scanner to have the connectors can be inserted in only one way and should never be forced. The USB plug for your computer has a special design on the top three lines ending with a circle, a triangle and a square arrow.

This helps to orient it correctly. It is not difficult to connect the cable: the scanner manual clearly states what the connectors to use. When you find the right direction, you insert the plug into the socket until it clicks. In our case, there is nothing else to do since the scanner does not have an external power supply. Other scanners need one more step: connect the scanner to a power outlet using the adapter.

Configure the color of the Monitor, Printer and Scanner

connect a scanner USB to the PC.

The operation is simple and intuitive, the manual also explains how to do it. Once you see well that the scanner is plugged in, you can hang up your computer to a power outlet, and then turn it on.

The same goes for any external devices. At one point, Windows will detect the presence of the scanner and ask for the driver disk. Follow the instructions in the manual. When the upload, you will hear some noise from the scanner is a standard “test” operation that is performed at each restart. The carriage moves for a few seconds, so it is crucial to unlock it before turning on the computer or scanner.

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