Connect your home theater to the computer network

Let’s see how to connect your home theater to the computer network for streaming playback of digital media that supports most audio and video formats , including MP3 , WMA , WMV , MPEG- 1, MPEG- 2, MPEG -4, Xvid and AVI
You do not need a media center to watch DivX movies and photos on your TV, you just need a device that can remotely access the contents of your PC. This device is not a computer acting as a media center, not a DVD player and not a decoder.

At this point you may ask, what is it?
And above all, what is it ?

Simply said, the EVA700 is a device intended for the living room , which can make the archive accessible multimedia content to your computer via a wireless connection, or when you connect to the Ethernet network .
In this way you can enjoy your MPEG- 1, MPEG- 2, MPEG -4 , Xvid , WMV , AVI , WMV HD files on home TV and MP3 and WMA music through the Home Theather system that supports most audio and video formats , including MP3 , WMA , WMV , MPEG- 1, MPEG- 2, MPEG -4, Xvid and AVInormally used for television. In addition to this , you can listen to streaming radio ( the transmission of data over the network through a steady stream ), display on the TV screen the images that you have saved on your computer taken with your digital camera, or surf the Internet.
The image formats supported are BMP, JPG , GIF, TIFF and PNG.
The advantages of this product compared to a media center are numerous, in addition to the price, the fact EVA700 you can find it cheap for just 69,00 Euro allows you to save space and avoid the noise and the heat that a PC could produce . In addition, the simple design and the rectangular shape has been specially designed by the designers to be able to fix the Netgear device in a tower configuration with other devices such as VCR or decoder satellite signal .

This model is also characterized by the ample supply of inputs and outputs audio / video and link interfaces . On the back we find the SCART and S-Video, as well as the RCA , and the SPDIF for audio / video composite . The connection to the PC is done thanks to the Ethernet 10 /100 and the two antennas with Wi-Fi 802.11b / g .Netgear-Eva700-en To protect data during wireless connection you can use the standard encryption WEP key or WPA. On the front, in addition to the power button off and space is a USB port and headphone jack . The USB port allows the device to play the movies on any devices such as external drives or USB sticks . The package also includes remote management menu , the network cable and one for composite video / audio . Installation is easy : just follow the instructions that appear on the TV after inserting the installation disk. Unfortunately these are in English , but this is the printed manual in Italian. In general, even with regard to the management of media files , the interface is improved, also lacks the output for high definition and the DVI .
Even the wireless connection could be updated , since today many devices out there that use the specifications of the future 802.11n standard. The EVA700 still has the advantage of playing a large number of video files, larger than that of competitors, even if it is incompatible with the MOV movies .

General tab Netgear


  • Ethernet , USB , SCART , S-Video , HDMI, Wireless , stereo sound, optical
  • Wireless standard 802.11b, 802.11g
  • Data Transfer Rate Up to 54Mbps
  • Audio Features MP3, WAV , WMA , M3U , PLS , ACC
  • Features MPEG1 , MPEG2 , MPEG4 , AVI , WMV , Xvid
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 38.1 x 431.8 x 254 mm
  • Weight 2000 g

Alternative you can’ consider MEDIALOUGE D-LINK WIRELESS MEDIA PLAYER W / DVD f 300 Connects to wireless home network and is able to play DVDs, movies and music files .



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