Computer will not turn causes

What should I do if my computer does not turn on or ” locks up” all of a sudden ?

The most important thing is to keep calm , then just follow some simple procedures for monitoring and verifying.
Entered the office with marginal tasks , and homes for us to play and have fun, the PC in a few years have become almost irreplaceable machines . In their capable memories are stored spreadsheets office as vacation photos , letters to suppliers and the wedding video , banking codes and electricity bills . Probably , many documents do not have a paper Repair your computertrail even more : everything is preserved , cataloged, filed in our PC.
But for this , any downside to this machine so pervasive is likely to have serious consequences. Especially if the problem is severe, the consequences can range from the inability to finish a job on time , the loss of valuable data on the hard disk (but you did backup , right? True ! ‘ ) .
Events unavoidable Many behave as if the computer was an object from the superhuman perfection and , as such, is not subject to breakdowns. So , do not do maintenance, do not perform regular backups, do not prepare plans for recovery from emergencies.

Bad, very bad . The computers are not perfect, in fact : as complex machines , are susceptible to failure as any other , and indeed more than many others, because the things that can break are so many.

Remember the first Murphy’s Law ? ” If something can go wrong, will happen for sure ” well , you know that this law has been stated in a computing center . A place where there are only a computer much more robust and secure than the ones you have on your desk. But if you want a less generic advice , trust the words of the president of one of the largest manufacturers of hard disk drives, a few years ago that said , “Your disc will break. It is not a matter of if, but when. ” We have scared enough? Let’s hope so, because the intent was just that: to convince you that the only way to minimize the consequences of a serious fault is to have backups of all your data . Think before , therefore , not to regret it later.
When it happens … it happens ! The fact is that , sooner or later , the major fault happens. As we mentioned , there are a thousand things that can go wrong , resulting in consequences that range from mere annoyance to the complete loss of data. In this article we will deal in particular two critical events which prevent full use of the computer: misfire and complete blockage of the system. In both cases , there are suspicions that the source of the problem is a hardware failure or a malfunction of the machine, but as always there are no certainties in computer science : the motivation of the problem may be an action performed by the user , and not necessarily just seconds before .

Computer will not turn causesLet’s start from the ignition failure : one morning you sit at your desk, press the On button and the Computer shows no signs of life. What to do? First you need to try to determine the nature of the fault , isolating the faulty component . Then we have to decide if it is something that we can fix ourselves, or if we have to resort to a technician. To do this , you must follow a method. If the computer is turned off inexorably and quiet, the best thing to do is to follow the path of electricity , without neglecting anything, for example : are you sure you have turned on the monitor ? It begins thus ensuring that the electrical outlet in the wall actually provides current . To do this , unplug the Computer and connect another electrical device (a lamp , a radio) . If the energy is there, reattach the plug well and continue along the path of the network. If you have interposed between the wall jack and a Computer device surge ( multipole socket protected or UPS ), you should check its operation in the valley – in practice to check that the current steps and present the output of the device . Once this is done , check the power cord , especially the two pins to his two bosses .

As the emergency exit when the computer suddenly crashes

You have no idea how many home care interventions to improve with the change of power cord : excessive wear or a tug could have ripped the contacts , a pet may have bitten the cable, cortocircuitandolo , and so on. If the cord is damaged, you can move on to examine the power button .
Make sure it is not locked , that does not make strange noises when it is operated and that the cables are properly connected and contacts . Verified the button switches to control the power supply of the Computer. If it receives power from the cable , but the fan is stopped , chances are good that the fault is attributable to this component. To be sure , get a meter ( a small device that measures voltage, current and electrical resistance ) , open the Computer and check if there is voltage in the feeder connectors that go to the hard drives.

These connectors have two cables blacks to zero volts and two colored wires that must be +5 and +12 V. If all voltages are zero, the culprit is just the power supply and must be replaced. But beware, the power supply fault may have been caused , for example, by a short circuit on the motherboard , in which case the new power supply would be short lived.
So before you connect the new power supply , double check the motherboard and other circuitry in the Computer, looking for signs of a possible shorting areas blackened, melted solder , any metal foreign bodies supported on circuits. However, if the power supply works and provides across its connectors the voltages required by the Computer , the problem is even more downstream components .

The fault can then relate to the motherboard or the components connected to it. The best thing to do at this point is to remove as many ComputerI cards as possible, disconnect all peripherals and try to turn on the computer with the supplied minimized.
It may also be useful in a more radical approach : remove also the memories and remove all multicore cables , then reconnect the minimum necessary to restart the Computer. In this way, if the failure was due to a bad contact there is a good chance that the situation will return to normal . If at this point you turn on your computer , you have isolated the problem to the add-in cards , and now you can put them back one by one until the problem occurs again, at this point, allowing you to determine with certainty the nature of the fault – or it could simply be an incompatibility between a newly installed component and the rest of the system . If even so , there are no results , the fault will cover most likely the motherboard or processor.
It’s time to call a technician .

Computer will not turn causes

There is also the possibility that your Computer starts its power-up procedure , but it blocks even before loading the operating system . If you turn on the machine when you hear a single ” beep” sound from its speaker , it means that the test is performed based on the motherboard . Therefore, the problem may lie or an alteration in the BIOS , or a problem with the hard drive that contains the operating system. In the first case , you will need to reset the BIOS , following the instructions of the manufacturer of the motherboard. Usually there is a jumper on the card to activate, or you can remove the motherboard battery for a quarter of an hour. If the problem is with the disc , however , it is possible to start the computer from the Windows installation CD , or a CD with utility software to boot, or even if your Computer provides this possibility, from a Pendrive containing the system boot

If your Computer does not start


Here is a summary of the ten things to do if my Computer does not turn on :

  1. Do not panic
  2. Check that you have power
  3. Check the switches of the Computer and monitor
  4. Check the power cords
  5. Listen for the fans run
  6. Smelling odors coming from your Computer if burned
  7. Disconnect all peripherals
  8. Remove all ComputerI cards
  9. Disconnect all the connectors and memories
  10. Reassemble the bare minimum ( memory and graphics card ) and try again

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is current in the socket?

The cable is in good condition?

The voltage reaches the power supply ?

How does the power supply
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