Compress the contents of your DVD library XVID

Compress the contents of your library ( XVID ) means put it safe from damage , wear and … unwary users . Your safe DVD DVDs are always in danger to two scratches or fingerprints , or Because they prey on children That make it , at times , to use wild or why backup ( possible if the disk is not protected ) of Your favorite movie is at least Advisable . the program Fair Use Allows free compress the contents of the disk know That it can be conveniently save on CDs , hard drives or external drives. Connect to the site .movies on a single DVD Download the light version of FairUse , distributed under license GNUGPL (general public license) .

There are some limitations , however, not ” disabling ” : encoding file not exceeding 700 Mb from the point of view of the output ( in XVID ) , the lower encoding rate, the absence of some optimization tools , possibility to compress only the entire movie and not only parts both the download ( the file is much more than 9 Mb ), and the installation does not damage problemi.FairUse Wizard 2 is entirely in Italian . Another factor in favor : it does not contain advertising and even other “guests” side ( the rest of the GNU is a guarantee … ) .

The program window is simple, and with two items from which to choose : “Create a new project “, “Open an Existing Project ” . At this point it is time to take a practice test , ” rippando ” a movie from DVD. Insert the disk into lettore.Poi give the project a name : it could be , for convenience, the title of the movie. From Folder / Browse , select the location to save the output (it is better to create a dedicated folder ) .

Easily create movies

Store several movies on a single DVD

A window will appear with the location of the DVD . In case you have more than one reader , you will need to choose the one where the disc . As for the audio tracks , you accept the default settings. The beauty of FairUse is just that: it is able to do almost everything by himself, without the user having to make complex choices , as is the case in many other ripping software . Start a first process of drawing in our case lasted a quarter of an hour. At the bottom it will open another window , quite complex, in which we suggest you once again to accept the choices of default.Fate then click “Next .”

Disable only the subtitles , usually in English, they give a little ‘ annoyance. Further questions concern instead the rows to display in the frame , when the XVID will be played. Here, too, click on “Auto” and let it be FairUse to analyze the video stream and suggest the best mode (usually it is still the ” native “). Accepted the advice of the program, a new click on “Next” will start the video encoding itself. It will last a lot, even an hour.

From here on, you just have to leave it to FairUse . In fact, the program requires , in the early stages , a high rate of participation , but the questions are always simple and well formulated , and even a novice can succeed in a work otherwise complicated. Of note : The application also provides an option to sleep at the end of the procedure , since, as the authors write, this is a good time for pizza , beer and nap … And if you run the whole thing before you go to sleep, or to go out, you can be sure that the work done , your PC will get to sleep without consuming unnecessary energy and resources.

The audio encoding is also part automatically, and takes ten minuti.Poi triggered the conversion of the video: one hour performance . In short, the whole process takes about two and a half hours : quite a lot, although , as mentioned, apart from the first 15/20 minutes, the computer works in a completely autonomous way . In the destination folder you will find more than six GB of files.

What you are interested in and you have to keep is the movie with the extension “. Avi” , also marked as video clips, 700 Mb . The rest you can safely discard it . The reproduction can be made with many media players , although we recommend the open source VLC Media Player ( ) .

answersNo to pirates!
Without wanting to be hypocritical, you can not ignore the fact that DIVX and XVID are often synonymous with illegal duplication, and are used for the sharing of films covered by law The copyright in the circuits of the peer to peer. Of course, this use is to be avoided: Piracy is a crime, even quite serious ..