Compose music to your computer for free

The modern sequencers offer us tools to work until a few years ago reserved for professional firms for their difficulty of use, and their price prohibitive. More and more often we happen to have anything to do with ” mixing desks “(mixer) Virtual yet powerful and complete, with which you can make extreme changes to your audio tracks. There are treatments available such as basic equalization and dynamic control effects and more “esoteric” such as reverbs and echoes.
Compose music to your computer for free

Online music program simulates the sound of a disc jockey.

Let us look at a typical channel of a ” virtual mixer “from the bottom, we find the channel fader with which to control the volume of the track, just above the control landscape (in English panpot) to place the audio signal in the stereo field (left to right), assignments relating to entry into and exit registration to which it is addressed the track in question.

The upper part is dedicated to the inclusion of effects for the treatment of the signal. The beauty of these virtual digital mixer is that any operation can be recorded and then reproduced exactly in the same way at every rehearsal; This means that even beginners can freely engage in experimentation, research results want: we can, for example, make sure that the control landscape is moving continuously, so that our track moves continuously from right to left and vice versa.

The sequencer also offer a more advanced feature called ” bounce “: thanks to this function, we can transfer to your hard drive our mixing, complete all planned, in a format that can be managed directly from the program to burn Audio CD, a stereo files with a sampling frequency of 44.1 KHz. From here to the CD writing pace is extremely quick and free of obstacles.

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 But it is always a matter of creativity …

The world of music is increasingly influenced by computers and the possibilities offered by existing programs are, as we have seen, many and complete; Perhaps the biggest obstacle we find it in the terminology used is not always intuitive for the novice or for the pure amateur musician, but keep in mind that there are tools available that until recently were strictly a matter of sound engineers . As usual, you have to rely on patience, passion and maybe a more experienced friend of us, but we can be sure that if we have a hit song in the head is only matter of time before it can be realized completely alone on your PC!


Will be back soon with lots of information on the subject and practical advice to produce quality music only with the help of a personal computer and a good sequencer.


Synthesizers, Samplers:

They’re all electronic devices that can be managed remotely (indirectly and remotely) via MIDI; generate sounds quite similar to those of traditional instruments. Synthesizers, in particular, seek to create the original sounds waveform starting from relatively simple mathematical models or, as the samplers are instruments that reproduce sound fragments previously recorded in the latter case the resemblance to the original can be deceiving sometimes even the most experienced ears, but they are generally less “expressive” synthesizers (the distinction is becoming more blurred, since there are synthesizers, which are based on sampled sounds, and samplers that feature advanced functions of sound synthesis ).



Play of the sequences of control signals

Create music with your computer


Online music program simulates the sound of a disc jockey.