Choose which computer to buy

The computer is not only one of the ” PC world ” . But how many , before you buy a computer, you are seriously wondered what platform suits your needs ?
Choose which computer to buy today

is not easy : the market there are dozens of manufacturers , each of which offers a wide variety of models. The acquisition is realized usually after spending several sleepless nights studying long tables of numbers and technical characteristics, taken from the official catalogs , or the trials of magazines. You need to choose the brand , type ( table ? , Laptop? ) Processor (32 or 64 bit? Single or ” dual core “, AMD or Intel ? ) , Graphics card, amount of RAM and mass , accessories, and so on .
Only one thing there is no doubt : the operating system is Microsoft Windows, which has almost absolute monopoly in the industry. Well, that “almost” should make you raise a doubt: Why , despite years of market dominance by Bill Gates , there is still a small percentage of users who insist on using a Windows computer is not compatible ? And why , if you listen to them , you find that these people are generally  of their not Windows computers ?
Choose which computer to buyIf it intrigues you , be prepared to discover a terrible truth : all catalogs, price lists and the evidence you have consulted so far we have described only a part of information technology housewife. In particular, they have not said that the personal computer is not only ” Windows + Intel “: there is another platform that expresses a different way of thinking , which has advantages and disadvantages compared to the best known , but it could also prove best suited to you : This is the Apple Macintosh platform .
For years, the Macintosh platform is relegated to a percentage of sales of the order of 4 or 5 % of the consumer market, with the remaining 95 % in the hands of the Windows -compatible machines . This might suggest an overwhelming technological superiority of the Microsoft system , but in fact the opposite is true . The low prevalence of the Macintosh platform ( for the followers simply as ” Mac ” ) is due to a series of mistaken strategic choices made ​​by Apple in the early years of the platform , when he could take control of the market. It would probably have been enough to license the system to other manufacturers , or even sell computers in its price class and probably the history of personal computing would have been different .
But Apple chose to hold on to her system , and sell only high-end computers , Microsoft took advantage of it (then small software company ) to create , within a few years , graphical user interface that mimicked that of the Mac , however, relying on DOS operating system used by PC era. Windows was born , which was licensed to all the producers that they had ” cloned” the PC platform produced by IBM .

We all know how it ended . The results were not long in coming: today Apple machines are masterpieces of technology and design , the operating system (Mac OS X) is a Unix system with deep roots in the free software movement , the programs supplied as standard are excellent , and prices, always sore point for Apple, however, much more affordable and competitive with those of brand PC .
If you do not know Unix , you know that it is a family of operating systems born in the late ’70s, and developed for years in academic and scientific research, thus including which computer to buycontributions from the brightest minds in the world of computing . Unix systems in the world belong to both “commercial” as IBM AIX, both ” open” as the various BSD and most Linux distributions . In short, if you could overlook a few years ago , today Macintosh is again an interesting choice and should be included in the list of ” eligible candidates ” whenever you need to buy a computer. What you need to find out , though, is if you are ” types from Mac .”

That is, if you saw the way you use your computer , and considering the things you need to do, it is better for you a Mac or a PC ” wintel ” ( abbreviation used to denote the combination of Windows and Intel) , x86-based and Windows operating system.
Once , Mac was a completely different platform from the PC. They were different processors , interfaces , disks, peripherals. Today, these differences are very small . Most of the Mac is based on Motorola G4 processors ( the 32-bit RISC , comparable to the Pentium) and IBM G5 ( 64-bit RISC , comparable to the most recent Athlon ) and owner of a chipset for the rest of the Mac use the same discs , CD-RW , PCI or PCIe , keyboards , printers that use the PC. Depending on the model , can be equipped with USB 2.0 and Firewire, Wi -Fi and Bluetooth , Gigabit Ethernet, and DVI video .
Some devices (eg graphics cards ) require special drivers to work with your Mac, simply by connecting other work ( plug and play is born on the Mac) . So far so good then? Well, not really : many card manufacturers and expansions do not support the Mac , so the choice of devices for this platform is reduced as compared to Wintel . In particular , there are few graphics cards (select models only ATI and nVidia) and very few Mac – compatible PCI sound cards – almost all high-end . Many USB 2.0 devices ( eg , several video digitizers , such models Dazzle ) do not work because the manufacturer has created a driver. This is a prime factor in the choice : if your job (or your hobby ) you need a particular device , it may not be compatible with the Mac platform , effectively excluding this world by your choices. Also, if your hobby is playing at the computer , or you are of those who have always opened the computer , which continue to change tabs to squeeze out of the car one frame per second more in Doom 3, which enjoy a world do ” troubleshooting ” (ie, to hunt down the problems of incompatibility between the various components ) , the Mac is not for you : these machines are switched on , and go. Point .
The incompatibility between boards , components, programs are so rare as to become front-page news Web sites dedicated to the platform. The Mac world is even recommended to lovers of extreme changes , you want to choose your PC to the last screw : On the Mac you can not replace the motherboard with the one from another manufacturer , so the machine can never be too different from as it was born. Back then, the discourse of the limited choice compared to a PC world where a number of manufacturers offer hundreds of motherboards tailored to the different needs. Here in a few weeks , probably , we will review some of these considerations: Apple is in fact the Macintosh platform to migrate to a new hardware core based on Intel technologies and motherboards similar to those of the PC.This could on the one hand widen the sphere of hardware compatibility, and introduce the other problems of conflicts between components. In any case, we’ll know soon : Some rumors speak of an anticipated launch in early January ( we write in early December ), so when you read these lines , the situation could already have evolved .

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