This PC is a weblog CDC high-performance desktop , based components of recent and medium-high level . Not only primary components , but also the case ( a CoolerMaster Centurion , with 5 rooms from 5.25 “free ) and power supply ( a model of good power, which delivers 630 watts total ) are were chosen with some care , for meet the demanding user and expert who , when reading the specifications techniques , does not stop at processor . About the CPU, The architecture is based on Intel Core i7. In particular here was chose the model 920 (2.66 GHz , Bus QPI 4.8 GT / s). the board mother is a Asus P6T SE , the entry level of the series which Asus P6T shares with her older sisters the X58 and some valuable characteristics , such as the 6 slots for DDR3 RAM (24 GB maximum installable ) .

computer Core i7Compared to the models higher , however, lacks some subtleties , such as technology ExpressGate or the OC Palm (the console external overclocking ) ; Furthermore , the power supply circuit is less sophisticated (8 +2 phase against the 16 +2 of the top models ) and therefore less suited to lovers overclocking .

Even the presence standard Intel heatsink , the moreover, confirms that this is a machine so powerful , but still not directed towards the market ” Enthusiast “, ie users who want to be able to squeeze the power of their computers to the last drop. the board mother has 3 PCI-E slots 16x mechanical ( electrical 16x/16x/4x ) 1 PCI -E 1x , 2 PCI , and integrates an additional disk controller JMB363 which provides a channel PATA (For those who reuse some old disk ) and an eSATA port in addition to the 6 SATA ports controlled by the chipset, 12 USB ports, HD audio 8 channel, 2 Firewire ports , and of course the network card 10/100/1000 .


The expandability in short, is assured.

The RAM installed , of course, DDR3 – 1333 is marked AData and amounts to 3 Gb . a normal amount for computer of this type , suitable for operating systems like Vista or recent Windows 7 and that leaves good margins to increase exploiting the other 3 available banks on the motherboard. Regarding the graphics card , was chosen a GeForce 9800 GT , ie a model now considered end average . allows you to safely to engage in play , but it is not certainly the fastest model today available and , therefore , again , we repeat the considerations made just above :

This PC is suitable for those who want a tool capable of good performance, but not a gaming machine with which to beat records in the published benchmarks on the Net The hard disk is a Maxtor STM3500320AS , unit 500 GB , 7200 rpm , well 32 Mb cache, which in addition to being large performs well even from the point terms of performance . Complete the configuration a dual layer DVD burner with Pioneer production comes to writing speed of 20x on ± R media The PC is all here: the price is not it includes neither the keyboard nor mouse , nor the monitor .

And most importantly, it is not even included the operating system. this can be seen as an interesting opportunities for those who prefer Free Linux operating systems , but for the majority of User is certainly to be counted between the “cons” . I do not have the system preinstalled operating means In fact, even give up utilities Backup and Recovery that big brands now offer commonly and , therefore , having personally occupy this task , perhaps by purchasing special software to third parties.

The performance of the machine, as evidenced by the results of tests, are excellent for Regarding applications personal productivity. In this context, architecture Core i7 demonstrates its strength , making score results unattainable for previous generations of CPUs. The 3D graphics , synthesized from the index 3D Mark , resentment instead of not high performance graphics card : despite being above average in this department performance is less exciting .

Good , finally , the budget of I / O ports , which includes among other things, a memory reader multiformat card installed in a 3.5-inch front compartment , a eSATA, Firewire front and 8 USB 2.0 ports.


it has all the characteristics of a good computer to buy

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