Capturing Videos Video Games

Very often it happens to have to record a video while we’re playing our favorite game, or because we want to brag to our friends to be able to find all the treasures of Tomb Raider Underworld, or because we are participating in a competition and we have to send a video demonstration that precisely demonstrates that he has made a tour of the track in the shortest time possible.

The reasons why create a video of what we combine in a video game can be many and varied, that’s why we announce software that allows you to record everything in real time, and thus save the video in one of many formats where you can save. The program is called “EM Free Game Capture” is partly free (we’ll see why) and we can download it from the site .

Once the program will immediately open the screen “Game Capture” which will allow us, therefore, to capture video while we’re playing, and then save it. In order to manage the recording while the game is running, we can assign combinations of keyboard keys that will allow us to start or stop recording, without thus close the game window.

The field “start” allows us to assign a combination of keys that allow to start recording, simply check the white box corresponding to the desired key, and then also select one of the function (F1, F2, F3, etc.). We can select up to three keys between ctrl, alt, shift + a function key.
Repeat therefore the assignment of the combination of keys also for the stop function, and even if we turn to “shot” that allows to take a picture. At this point we can save the captured video in different video formats such as avi, mov, mpeg, mp4, wmv etc, and even video formats dedicated to portable devices like ipod, iphone, psp and so on.

If we want we can also use EM Free Game Capture to capture video and images from our desktop to access this feature simply press the “Desktop Capture card” allowing us thus to capture everything that happens in our computer screen, choosing to capture all the screen or a single window, or even a specific area.

As mentioned just now the program is in fact free of all functions are active but we can only record video at 15 fps, if we want to record with a higher fps must buy the program for about $ 29