Capturing from Video Images

Have you ever wanted to take a picture while Rose in Titanic films and DiCaprio are on the bow of the ship? If you do not like any movie Titanic put in place of it and think of any scene that you wanted to capture a nice image.

From the screen literally the only alternative is to photograph the screen with a camera, maybe that of your cell, and therefore hope that this time hard enough to be photographed, or even that the characters do not change position.

When playing a video on your computer instead of the operation it could be simplified by using special programs. In fact, by pressing the “print screen” or stamp it, we can see that with video does not work, displaying only a black screen, the only solution is therefore to search and download software created specifically for this purpose.

One of these simple and easy to use Video Decompiler is, we can download for free from the official Flash Pile site at this address. Video decompiler therefore will allow us to capture images from a video playing, or even capture a series of images, so be sure to have captured that exact scene that interested us. The program is a bit heavy to download, it weighs about 12 megabytes, but I assure you it’s worth it in fact what it does it does well!

The main screen is very intuitive, and presents each key for each function making available, then it is really impossible to make a mistake. On the left are the various buttons that possess all the various players, then play, pause, stop, fast forward, and back.

On the right instead of the various commands are shown which will allow us to capture the images, the first button will allow us to capture a single image, the second to capture images in repetition, and the third to capture images at intervals of time.

To upload a video, then press the browse button, below the playback window, we explore the contents of the hard disk in search of our video files and thus open it.

We press the play button between the left controls and let’s enjoy the film, when we see an interesting scene can press the pause button to stop playback, and then, slowly slide the bar until you see the scene properly, then just press the first button right. Of course, to take pictures in sequence or at intervals do not need to pause the video