Capture Web Pages Free

To create screenshots on the computer, there are many solutions, of course, the first is the classic stamp key on the keyboard, from which we can capture all the desktop area viewed at the time.
However the options end there, so if we want to acquire such a single portion of the screen, with the stamp tool can not do that.
In order for to realize it we must necessarily use external programs that offer just the ability to capture screenshots in any way we want, and in many ways of acquiring, including small portions of your desktop.
If we want to capture a screenshot affected an entire web page, then we can do it with Blipshot.
Blipshot  is a plugin for Chrome that allows you to take screen shots of the entire web page, and then save it as an image.
The plugin, once installed, presents his top button to right of the screen, next to the address bar.
To achieve the screenshot simply click this button, the image will be captured in PNG, we can save using the “Save Image As” from the same button we can also see a preview of the saved screenshots.