Buy songs online for Mp3 Players

Buy songs online for Mp3 Players

The sale of music online is the future and the legal downloading is a true revolution because it transforms the consumption of music and makes it a dynamic and interactive . The online stores specialize in offering songs in digital format in fact seem to enjoy excellent prospects for development. Let’s take a bit of numbers. According to a study of the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers , in 2013 the revenue produced by the jukebox global legal will stabilize at around 8.6 billion dollars. 5.4 billion will be that of the music sold through cell phones . Also during the period indicated in the United States will discharge about 8.1 billion pieces compared to 4 billion today .

Buy songs onlineThe weather would be good for Europe : the market for on-line music (legal ) will reach a turnover of 15 million euro in 2014 to 22.3 million in 2015 and will be a 67 million euro in 2016. According to another study , this time Entertaiment Media Research , the industry’s growth will be favored by a growing number of users who will abandon the use of illegal sharing programs such as BitTorrent and eMule to embrace the legal download . Also according to the research, the reason for this escape from P2P programs would be the fear of complaints from the authorities. So the future looks bright for the business of selling digital music on the Web do not appear to be clouds on the horizon … but just because what promises seems more like a storm. Yes , you got it , why not all searches are so benevolent .

According to another study, conducted this time by Nielsen SoundScan , the legal sale of songs online has experienced a significant slowdown as early as this fall. In December 2013, the songs sold and downloaded from the Internet had in fact reached 36.4 million, or 300 % .

The latest survey , however, saw a meager growth rate of 3% ! According to another search – this time it is the opinion of the experts of Fulcrum Global Partners – to compensate for Buy songs online for Mp3 Playersthe lack of CD sales caused by the use of P2P programs , online jukeboxes are expected to grow at a rate of 150 % per year. In Italy the then current share of turnover generated from the sale of songs on the internet and via mobile phones is ridiculous : according to surveys of FIMI is equal to 1% of total product revenue from the market ! Something , of course, has happened : probably ” album ” itself has lost value to the benefit of the compilation ” do it yourself” why users choose and buy the individual tracks. It is equally true that the bubble jukebox on-line seems to have a po’sgonfiata .

Beyond , however, research and data to confirm whether or not the success of the offer legal downloads of shops for selling music online is a po’limitante , not because of the variety of choice, and for the possibility to use decidedly disadvantageous to the consumer .


Discovering the DRM order to understand how it is organized to offer music on the Web must start from the audio format used for the sale of digital tracks . In fact, when you make a purchase on Messaggerie Digital , iTunes, Red or Alice or any other jukebox on-line , do not buy a song in CDDA format (that of CD audio ) nor in the MP3 . Audio tracks purchased are in fact in WMA (Windows Media Audio) devised by Microsoft , or AAC if you use Apple’s iTunes . The choice of online shops prefer the WMA format is dictated by two types of motivation . The first is that this standard uses a compression algorithm which guarantees than MP3 , better sound quality for the same space : the file of a song in WMA format is smaller than the MP3 version of the same song , though offering the same audio quality in terms of audience . Microsoft version 7 already included in its Windows Media Player WMA encoding .

The operating system Windows XP natively supports this format and allows , without the installation of additional software , extract audio tracks from CD to WMA format. The standard Windows Media Audio is so widely used and supported by most of the computers out there. The second reason that led to the adoption of the format of Microsoft is the fact that this support DRM (Digital Rights Management ) system for the management and protection of files protected by law . In fact, the AAC format support DRM , or rather a particular version called FairPlay only required by iTunes.

The Digital Rights Management , in essence it is a ” license to use ” , is based on a set of technological systems through which owners ( record labels and artists) may exercise the copyright in the digital world , protecting , identifying and tracing the use of music files. The goal , therefore, the DRM would be to be able to control the respect of copyright , digital content .

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Following the development of the technology have distinguished three different generations of DRM systems. The first generation , completely ” harmless” , merely display the data of the holder of rights ( for example copyright and name of the work ) or to highlight the usage agreements contained in licenses attached. The next generation has added to these elements the conditions for access to the content for the user, functions that are called in technical jargon Content Management ( CM ) .

Buy songs onlineThe third generation not only identifies and protects artwork , but regulates the relationships between all those involved in its management and its fruition , producer, author and user , regardless of how it is distributed . DRM systems have done , therefore, to incorporate a variety of elements. In addition to content management, also includes a series of copy protection technologies , such as encryption , watermarking and fingerprinting , and finally the management of copyrights on the content , the Digital Property Management ( DPM) . Although starting from a legitimate aspiration , as to preserve the works protected by copyright, there are cases in which the use of DRM has proved something more of a protection system is these days the news of CDs sound produced by the famous record company EMI that are unreadable in certain players for cars, not to mention the sensational case dell’invasivo protection system ( RootKit ) posted by SonyBMG in their CD .

As part of the on-line music the limits imposed by DRM technology do not come to threaten the security or proper operation of your computer, but also plan a series of restrictions on the use of purchased songs .

Limits and Pricing The freedom to use the purchased song unfortunately is strongly affected by a number of barriers from the number of times it is allowed to make copies and burn the track purchased.

Very often there will also limitations that block the transfer of the purchased song from your PC to your portable audio player (which must still be a SDMI compatible device ) and from one computer to another . In the event that the song downloaded either free of charge , there may be even limits even to the total number of audience . To get an idea of the tax barriers to the use of downloaded songs , you can take a look at this table in these pages. Keep in mind that these limitations are set by the license holders (authors and labels ) , and that the digital music stores online have a wide margin of action in the matter.

iTunes is revealed , however, the jukebox more “liberal” in choosing which limits impose restrictions : there are no restrictions to the number of copies or mastering of the song purchased and transfer of the same song on the iPod. The only restrictions regarding the maximum number of copies set to 7, the same lineup of songs. But you only change the order of songs to start from scratch. To transfer instead of a song from computer to computer, iTunes provides for a maximum of five computers dedicated to the reproduction of the purchased files . The number of passages of files between computers authorized is unlimited .

Beyond the various limitations provided by the suppliers of digital music , before you buy a song you absolutely must read the usage rights to the song or album you want to buy. Sometimes this is not sufficient to avoid disappointment because the information may be incomplete or completely absent .

Juggle the online stores to find the best deals then it is an entirely useless. All prices are in fact more or less always the same : EUR 0.99 per song and € 9.99 for each album. Given these figures and limitations , can rise to reasonable doubt whether it is appropriate really buy an album in digital format rather than on CD !


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