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Opera is a web browser and cross-platform freeware product from Opera Software, available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and many others.


Opera was born in 1994 as a research project of Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway.

Founders: Geir Ivarsøy, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner

When the browser Opera made its first appearance in the days of dial-up connections and 56K modem (we were in the mid -90s ) , the event was hailed as a revolution. The curiosity was aroused not only by the attempt to undermine the monopoly of Internet Explorer, but especially by the lightness and simplicity, almost spartan, software .

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These features made the difference at a time when , to download a Web page very elaborate , it could take minutes at a time . But today ? Although one of the most hyped new features in Opera   is the technology ” Turbo ” , the same that is the basis of the latest Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, and intended for the compression of the content of Web pages so as to engage less bandwidth , the characteristics that Opera   browser makes a very interesting there are many more .

Downloaded and installed the program, the compressed executable does not reach 9 Mb , you are directed automatically in the Work Portal , the official website of the browser. The purpose of this short visit is not only to raise awareness of the other products in the Norwegian software company , but also to list a summary of the main novelties introduced by Opera. Too bad that this help page has been translated into English, French, German … even Japanese , but not in Italian ( and in the Hispanic languages )

. Fortunately, this limitation does not affect the browser, which has been regularly located in our language. The impact with Opera   , even if you are accustomed to using other browsersOpera browser - The alternative web browser - Download free , it is highly positive . Not only learning the many functions available is quite intuitive , but you really get the impression that this browser has been designed to incorporate the most practical solutions in absolute terms, even to those already implemented , either directly or through plug-ins, from competing products . We refer , for example, to the Quick Access page , which through twenty-five preview panes , allows you to check just one glance if their favorite sites have been updated and, consequently, deserves a thorough visit . Or the page that shows current transfers , which here can be stopped and restarted, as it does with download managers.

There’s also a direct access to the management of the Widget: from games to watches, from radio player utility to monitor the speed of browsing the Internet or encrypt a text reserved . Even migrating from one browser to another is done by minimizing stress and trauma for the less experienced user : Opera   offers a large amount of options for importing and exporting of mail accounts , list of feeds , Bookmarks / Favorites and contacts.


All under a graphical interface that has undergone a huge facelift , making it that much more enjoyable and easy. The graphics engine called ” Presto” , it offers improved performance and enhanced compatibility with many formats of the Web To see thumbnails of all your open tabs thanks to the ” Visual Tabs” , simply drag down the bar cards . The space of navigation is highly customizable to suit the characteristics and size of the screen. Similarly , the new bar labels (which can be used on all four sides of the window of the browser) has been designed to optimize the use of modern widescreen monitors (16:9 or 16:  ) to display the tabs along the horizontal axis of the screen. Opera   is available in versions for Mac , Linux and Windows , and currently supports 43 languages

. For those who already use Opera, the upgrade to version   is highly recommended in order to escape from the problems of vulnerability shown by the old edition of the browser.


 Opera browser – The alternative web browser – Download free


answersGestures for navigation

How to do it Action

feasible with a combination of clicking and dragging the pointer


Go to previous page Hold down the right mouse button and click the left

Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse to the left
Go to the next page and hold the left mouse button and click the right
Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse to the right
Go to the top folder Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse up and then left
Go to next page most likely hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse to the right and then up
Press and hold Ctrl + Shift , drag the mouse to the right
Go to first page ( rewind) Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse to the left and then down
Press and hold Ctrl + Shift , drag the mouse to the left
Go to the home page Click twice on an empty board
Update a page Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse up and down
Stop loading Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse over


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