How to block access to Facebook?

block access to FacebookYou do not know how to block access to Facebook? No problem, because thanks to a simple free program (for professional use), you can do it in a very simple way.

How to block access to Facebook?

The solution to our problem is called The Web Blocker is completely free and very easy to use, allowing you to block access to Facebook (as well as other resources “inadequate”).

The program is compatible with Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 e 64 bit) e Windows 7 (32 e 64 bit).

The only pre-requisite is to have installed on our computer. NET Framework 2.0. To find out if we have this program installed, we can use Detector Framework , which allows us to verify whether and which versions of the. NET Framework are installed on our system.

Once you download the file, unzip it and run the executable. The installation process is simple: just repeatedly press Next and accept the license agreement. The only precaution is to not accept the installation of the toolbar. Once the program is installed, we just have to click on the shortcut created on the desktop.

The first time you run the program you will be asked to choose a password of directors, which will be entered each time you want to change the settings (so it is best to choose a “robust”). Once you have chosen your password, we need to put in the login screen to display the control panel. From here we need to select the user for whom we want to regulate access, from the list in the upper left (All users will not work), and then we have to tick the check boxes at the bottom (Facebook is part of the Social Networking category but it is also highly recommended tick proxy server ).

At this point, select Enable (bottom right), and then click Update. Now confirm your desire to proceed, wait a moment, we can close the web Blocker. If you want you can now try to do a test (using the previously blocked account) you should see a screen in front of the block (with some advertisements used to finance developers)

The program is a good defense weapon, but it is ” inviolable “. The most serious problem is what can be uninstalled from the Control Panel (even if this freedom is limited to accounts with administrative privileges). To ensure that the program can be removed simply delete the following key in the registry (type regedit to start and go to the following location):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \ The Web Blocker

This article will disappear from the list of installed programs, complicating the life of the “pirate”. But there are other loopholes how to create a new user account with administrative privileges and still others (so that the program can not work miracles). Speaking of performance, the program is in any case very light and the speed of loading pages will suffer a bit ‘, but at least now you know how to block access to Facebook.