Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security is always aware and on guard. Bitdefender protects hundreds of millions of users around the world to known and unknown assailants internet .

Bitdefender can protect you and your family from the attacks invisible from all angles – from the internet , e-mail , social media, USB drives, networked peripherals and chat conversations .

After running Bitdefender Internet Security through its paces , we have to compete with a statement by the Chief Technology Officer of Bitdefender :

“We have given the home user product range a striking overhaul , offering sleek , silent defense from electronic threats today, ” said Bogdan Dumitru , BitDefender CTO . ”

The new interface is very easy to use, and the addition of the optional autopilot meet the needs of those users who are looking for a safe hassle-free experience . ” Bitdefender The logo of the brand , the Dacian Dragon -Wolf says graphic hostility towards hackers who attack goodness.

 Bitdefender Internet SecurityThe half wolf and half dragon , wolf Dacian inspired confidence among the troops who carried on the ancient battle with fear affects enemies. Bitdefender mantra is simple – Awake – which means that relentlessly strives to be aware and ready for battle.

We find the avatar and brand mantra to be appropriate to the spirit of Bitdefender . If you arm yourself with Bitdefender , you can have confidence in the many ways that protects you . Also, when hackers attempt to break the defenses and meet a Bitdefender guardian at your door , they will lose confidence and go to the most vulnerable victims .

Malware detection is one of the most important aspects of robust Internet security suite . Bitdefender protection is superior. The software consistently receives awards and certifications for safety tester of third parties. Shows higher than average rates of malware detection .

One of the reasons it is so effective is that Bitdefender scan all the PC communications, both incoming and outgoing .

The scans performed in real time to block threats before they infiltrate . The Bitdefender Internet Security Suite provides a comprehensive list of – use of simple security tools , useful to protect your identity , your children and your PC . When you use a search engine, Bitdefender gives each URL to a degree of safety. The filter website uses specific definitions of class to block suspicious sites .

You can also limit , enable and monitor the Internet activities of your child. You can configure the parental filters to block or allow websites , contacts, instant messaging and e-mails that contain the words or phrases marked .

In addition, you can restrict access to the Internet and the application of specific times or just give a time allotment for each child. With parental supervision and monitoring tools , it is easy for parents to maintain control.

Minimal system requirements: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8 ;CPU: 1 GHz processor; Memory (RAM): 512 MB ; Available free hard disk space: 1 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)


Bitdefender Internet Security



Bitdefender Internet Security Buying Safe Data Protection Antivirus Protection for Facebook Spam Firewall Parental Control Optimization Online Storage Anti-theft function (Anti-Theft)

 Among the main features I want to remember:

  • Effective scanning and removal of viruses
  • Real-time scanning when using the PC. You will work in total serenity!
  • Fast scan of files and folders
  • Quarantine mode to isolate any potential threats with the useful ability to alert you to the staff for further investigation BitDefender
  • Comprehensive reports regarding the scanning and removal of external threats

BitDefender continue and remain a landmark in the field of computer security due to its robustness and reliability even in difficult situations.
We recommend seriously consider it to be able to sleep soundly.



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