Best sites to convert files online for free

Very often we end up with files that you can not open it or are in an unknown format or, more simply, because having installed a program that reads only a particular type of file, we do not want (or can not) find and install more programs just to open that file.

This can happen with any file type: audio, video, documents, images, and so on. To avoid having a program that converts audio files, another that converts video files, and another that converts documents, and so on, the best thing would be to find a program that converts any type of file or, better yet, a tool that allows to convert files online for free and without having to install other programs on your computer, so that everything we will need only a browser and an internet connection.

The 7 best sites to convert files online for free

Online-Convert allows you to convert audio, video, images, documents, ebooks, archives and even provides a generator hash . Online-convert lets you convert files with a maximum size of 100 megabytes. After being converted, the file will be deleted after 24 hours or after they are downloaded 10 times. Once you choose the format you want to convert, we can choose whether to load the file directly from your computer, via URL or via Dropbox. After the conversion, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Free File Converter

Free File Converter allows you to convert files of different formats : audio, video, images, documents, ebooks CONVERT SONGS IN MP3 WMAand compression formats. In addition to accepting a maximum file size of 300 megabytes, Free File Converter allows you to convert audio and video files by accepting the URL directly from the numerous websites such as , , and so on. Once converted (the output format varies according to the input), you can download the file directly, or in a compressed zip archive, through a link that will remain active for 12 hours.


YouConvertIt allows you to convert files online without signing up, but users who register free of charge, offers some advantage in most. Users who do not register can convert files with a maximum size of 60 megabytes (registered users with a maximum size of 100 megabytes), have a conversion priority and an average download speed (for registered users is rather high) and The files are deleted after 3 days (while for registered users after 10 days). YouConvertIt also allows you to convert video files online (making a ‘ Java applet ), and also to send files. Despite YouConvertIt allows you to convert various file formats , unfortunately, does not offer the ability to directly download the file after converting it, but you must enter at least one email address to receive him.


FileWiggler, after the registration, allows you to convert up to 7 files at once. FileWiggler offers the possibility to convert multimedia files that have a maximum size of 300 megabytes, and images, and documents that have a maximum size of 10 megabytes. The files are converted with a high priority and, once converted, will be sent via email and deleted within a maximum of 2 days. But suggesting to 5 friends to register with FileWiggler, we can increase these limits further.

Convert Files

Convert Files is able to convert files online free which have a maximum size of 250 megabytes with the ability to choose up to 330 combinations of file formats as input and output devices. Once converted, the files remain available for 24 hours, after which they will be destroyed automatically. Convert Files lets you convert files such as documents, drawings (.odg, dxf, dwg), presentations, ebook, video, images, files, audio and even Encapsulated PostScript (eps) and PhotoShop Document (psd). In addition to allowing you to download videos from YouTube, also lets you know which files are supported by many mobile devices (even if they are not very recent). Finally, Convert Files, offers the possibility to install an extension to convert files online directly through the browser Mozilla Firefox .


Fileminx lets you convert files with a maximum size of 50 megabytes and offers the ability to convert “only” sixty different formats, including documents , images , audio and video . After loading the file to be converted (also via URL), simply click on Continue and then choose the output format among those proposed. Once you convert the file, you can download it directly via a download link



In the free version of Zamzar, you can upload files with a maximum size of 100 megabytes. Zamzar supports over 1,200 types of conversions ( documents , images , audio , video , ebook , compression formats and CAD ) and allows you to convert 5 files at once. Once you convert the file, you will be sent a link via email, which will remain active for 24 hours, from where you can download the converted file. Zamzar also offers the ability to convert files through the ‘ URL and send large files via FilePigeon (up to 100 megabytes).

As you have seen some sites to convert files online for free have limitations, such as the maximum size of file that can be converted, but, except for emergencies, should all be more than enough. If you only need to convert files to PDF, you can see the previous article that explains how to convert PDF files online and free .