Software for Karaoke are those programs

The software for Karaoke are those programs that allow you to sing freely or learn the art of singing with ease. In this article we want to report the ones that are in our opinion the best karaoke programs (all totally free) and can be downloaded and installed on a Windows PC. These software have different characteristics: some only work as a karaoke player, others also have an editor to edit and synchronize text on backing tracks. The most popular sizes of karaoke bases are MID, KAR, MP3, CDG and KFN . If you have the basics of this format and karaoke software you can start right now and have fun singing with friends or family.programs to create music

Kanto Karaoke Player & Recorder

is perhaps the most recent player to karaoke born (has only 1 year old), but has already become among the most downloaded in this area. The key features and benefits of this program are as follows:

1. Ease of use: the clear and intuitive interface allows you to access all functions of the player with no problem

2. Support all formats karaoke: unlike other player this program reads virtually all types of bases as midi karaoke, karaoke, mp3, cdg, kfn (KaraFun), zip (cdg + mp3), etc ..

3. Ideal for the ” live performance “: thanks to the playlist and live performance function becomes easy and intuitive to create music playlists to play in “live mode”!

4. “Functionality Recorder “: it allows you to record your voice over background music and create their own music CDs

5. Converts midi to mp3: conversion retains the text of midi files and allows you to create high quality mp3 karaoke bases.

6. Available for both Windows PC and Mac OS X

Kanto Karaoke Player & Recorder


is a free application to do karaoke with the computer. It is an editor and player for karaoke.With the help of this program you can play karaoke music with ease. It supports the following karaoke file formats: LRC, KOK, CDG, KAR, KFN and. The unit in Karafun paid version also allows you to add text on musical bases to create karaoke bases


Sing-Magic Karaoke

is a karaoke program free and practical for your computer. It turns your PC into a Karaoke playback device files. It also lets you change the pitch and speed of the song to fit the music to your unique voice.

Sing-Magic Karaoke

OkeOke  is a free program to do karaoke on your PC. With the help of this app you can play karaoke bases on the computer and also record sound effects to the same base. It does not support the many karaoke formats but has the bare minimum to have fun singing on your computer.

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player  is probably the most popular program to play karaoke files. With the help of this program you can play the following file formats midi-karaoke: .kar, .rmi, .mid and .midi. Allows you to view the lyrics while playing music and has many interesting settings (midi out , change text font and color, skins, etc …).

Anything karaoke

Karaoke Anything  is a free program for karaoke which separates the vocal track from an audio CD or MP3 files. So with the help of this freeware you can convert any audio or MP3 files in a karaoke song. This way you can sing without problems on the musical base.

Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5  is another karaoke software that allows you to play karaoke bases (mp3, midi, kar) to your computer. The paid version also allows you to change the backing tracks and synchronize text on mp3 basics very easily.