The best applications for Windows 8.1

best applications for Windows 8.1On October 17, Microsoft has released a new and improved version of its Windows operating system 8.1 , this new version is accompanied by a greater availability of Metro-style applications .
The general attention to applications for Windows 8.1 is climbing very well thanks to the greater diposnibilità of touch screens that allow you to enjoy the optimum interface Metro .

The best applications for Windows 8.1

I thought I’d compile a list of the most used , the best applications for Windows 8.1.

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a free application that features easy-to- use oil paints , watercolors , pencils and all the tools needed to paint. Create original masterpieces , turns photos into beautiful paintings , choose a coloring page for your children and even request a print on canvas framed your creation. Whether you’re an artist, a lover or a child, Fresh Paint will help you unleash your imagination.


Vimeo is one of the biggest competitors to YouTube , which is used by millions and millions of users , its interface is simple to use and well integrated within the Metro .
The application allows us to enjoy all the content on the website of the service without having to open the browser .


Hyper is an unofficial application for YouTube, uploading videos is extremely fast and smooth even in the presence of slow connections , the overall quality is very high, to try.

Xbox Music

Xbox music is available for all users of Windows 8 without regional restrictions you can enjoy 10 hours of free music per month and listen to the radio without limits, with a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 you can use the service without limits.
Brings you all the music you love in a simple application , you can listen to and manage your music and buy songs from Xbox Music.


Flipboard is one of the last entries in the Windows Store apps , this app that combines news from around the world and from your social networks in a beautiful magazine is one of the most known and used in the world in its category .


The official Twitter app for Windows 8 , compared to the early versions has been improved graphical interface making it now much more fluid and functional.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular online radio service , enjoy thousands of radio stations , you can also search for stations by language , country , genre or even song.
Over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million available programs at any time.


Line is one of the most popular and fastest growing steadily and instant messaging , one of its advantages is that it is also a desktop client for Windows and OS X.


The official Facebook application has been launched to coincide with the release of Windows 8.1.
Facebook for Windows 8.1 is virtually identical to the version for the web, but has the clear caratterestiche the Metro style .
It has all the basic functions that we have in the web version of Facebook, do not miss the chat and notifications on the lock screen .

Nokia Music

With Nokia MixRadio you can listen to your favorite songs , just log in with your login credentials to gain access to all the functionality of the application , you can also try a free version where you can listen to playlists created by the experts of Nokia and then if you want to buy a subscription.


  • Mix: Hundreds of hand-made playlists with songs of all genres that interest you. From Pop to Dub , Legends of the Blues , Ragga, indietronica and much more – we found the best
  • Mix offline : download hours of your favorite mix to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet
  • MP3 playback: Play and append your music. Insert the songs in your music library where we can pick them up . Get recommendations on mix and artist info
  • Mix Artist: Tell up to three of your favorite artists: prepare a mix with songs by these artists and other artists with similar
  • Artist : Includes biography of the artist, the artist mix , mix in which there are songs by the artist , tweets , concerts, similar artists , and a gallery of images from which you can set the
  • + Supports Nokia Music , a music service which includes advanced audio quality , option to skip an unlimited number of tracks , mixes offline, without limitation, synchronized lyrics ( when
  • Text : Displays text synchronized with many of your favorite songs ( The full text is only available for the testing of Nokia Music +)
  • Play on : sends what you are listening directly to many smart TV or DLNA-enabled devices
  • Snap View : A native functionality of Windows 8. Displays app in reduced vision while at the same time you go to another app
  • Use the search icon to find the mixes containing your favorite artists


Songza is a must, one of the best applications that I know to listen to streaming music, based on what you listen to most frequently Songza learns your tastes and suggests songs to listen to.


SoundCloud is a favorite service to listen to music for free from the web , a community where everyone can share their creations and despite being a cloud music service includes many features of social networks.
SoundCloud does not have an official application for use with Windows 8 then you have to resort to third party applications such as the excellent Clouder .
Clouder allows you to listen to thousands of music tracks and audio tracks are hosted on soundcloud , browsing through various categories such as electronics, hip- hop, house , dubstep , rap, drum and bass , pop, rock , … and some exclusive tracks from the best artists .
You can also connect to your SoundCloud account to access the personal dashboard , you can also sign in with your Facebook account.


The official version of Dropbox for Windows 8 allows you to view, download and upload files to the cloud , unlike the classic version for this desktop is automatically synchronized .
Great solution to have access at any time to a document or a specific file, without having to go through the web.


8tracks is another application for playing music, but it is different , particular , a kind of social network where you create a playlist of 8 tracks (hence the name) and you share it with other users who are using this platform.


Evernote is one of the first applications built for the Metro interface introduced with Windows 8, an advanced application for prendeere notes, manage your notes , organize and save your ideas.
The early versions left much to be desired but with the latest updates has become a product to be missed .


I do not think that Skype needs no introduction, the integration of graphics is perfect and very easy to use .


The search engine Google for Windows 8 , fast and family to find information about the world of Windows 8 devices .


  • Google Search box – Type your search schermatahome directly from the application so you can find the answers you need more quickly .
  • Voice Search – Use the microphone to ask Google and get the answer immediately.
  • Search Charm – By installing the Google Search app you have easy access to Google Search by Charm.
  • Google Instant – No need to press “Enter” the results will be displayed immediately as you type your search term .
  • View Your Searches – Watch recently visited sites into categories .
  • Google Apps page – Access to all Google products from within the app by simply clicking on an icon .


Netflix is a U.S. company that offers a rental of DVDs and video games over the Internet but also an online streaming service on demand, accessible through a separate subscription.
If you want to see shows and movies streaming from Windows 8 you can not consider this option.


Kindle also has its own official app for Windows 8 , a program where you can access the entire library of books available on Amazon and buy directly from those who wish to read.
An indispensable application for book lovers .


MetroTwit is the best Twitter client available for Windows 8 today, and maybe it’s better than the official one.

Adobe Reader Touch

For many it is the preferred application to read documents in PDF format.
And ‘ possible to open any PDF document directly from any application , has integrated the search options to add notes to documents , highlight and underline text , change between continuous scrolling or pages , the expansion and functions of text and images for online sharing .


Trello is one of the best applications for organizing activities and working groups, the easiest way to organize anything whether it’s a birthday party or simply make a list of things to do this weekend.
Use the website to stay organized while you are at home and the application to stay up to date while you’re around .

Yahoo! Mail

Thanks to an extremely simple -to-use Yahoo! Mail today that offers 1 terabyte of free space allows you to exchange messages, keep in touch with friends and do so much more, in less time.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is an excellent and simple application to usareper image editing , includes all the tools you need , in super- intuitive interface so you can get maximum results with minimum effort.

Write Plus

Write Plus is a great text editor , can be described as minimalist because it does not have many features but those sufficient to do a good job as options to basic formatting , auto-save , spell checker and a free mode to avoid distractions so you can focus on the text and nothing else.
E ‘ available for free for a limited time.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator is a fun app to generate meme by Windows 8, add your own images to create custom memes or choose from the many high-quality models available , over 200 .
You can also share memes with your friends via Facebook , Twitter , e-mail or Skydrive .

Code Writer

Code Writer is an excellent free code editor with syntax highlighting and support for over 20 file types .
It ‘ not a product derived from desktop versions but built from scratch , taking into account the principles of design of Windows 8 Metro interface to maximize utilization .
Code Writer is ideal for editing any text file , do code reviews or presentations with code examples.
The main screen text editor allows you to edit documents in full screen mode , without distractions.