Best Antivirus 2014

What will be the best antivirus 2014?

Certainly one that can be updated in a very fast and to preserve our PC against the latest threats . Putting several antivirus comparison between different products for the security of your PC the ideal candidate to best antivirus 2014 Norton.Fino a few years ago Norton was recognized as the best antivirus for Windows. Then there was a period of decline due to various security issues that have overshadowed the authorities .Best Antivirus 2014

After passing the security issues that had made him lose ” customers” , Norton is back on the square and is back to being one of the best antivirus software. Very effective its new technology for the protection of Windows, it has minimal impact on the resources that the system uses . Norton is able to protect our computers from viruses but also spyware and malware from hacker attacks and attempts to phishing.

Norton Antivirus installs it in a very simple and fast. You start in a very fast and uses very little system memory. The program is really great, is that why it’s not free .

By download specific versions , such as BETA , you can get 40 % off the purchase of the final. Trying BETA version you will then be asked a second time to move on to the final. You can decide whether to uninstall it or to proceed with the purchase. But we are sure that Norton will strike you with its effectiveness. Let us now analyze the specific features of Norton AntiVirus 2014.

  • It offers the best performance and protection ever had.
  • It is compatible with Windows 8 Consumer
  • Preview Norton Protection System provides four unique layers of protection to ensure the security of your PC and your files. Surfing the Internet is no longer a problem, you can explore more sites and virtual safety.
  • Browser security. With Norton AntiVirus 2014 you browse securely and shipped, you can go shopping and use social networks in comfort and safety as well as surf the net without any worries. The threats on the network are identified and promptly stops.
  • Technology SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection: able to protect us and our file yet unknown threats, that is, all those viruses last generation have not yet been cataloged. In this way it is possible to navigate safely without waiting for either you istallino updates.

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