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Translate abbreviations and acronyms computer with one click. An acronym is a word formed from the initials of other words (sometimes even a sentence).
For example ADSL means ” Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ” (literally, ” Asymmetrical Digital Telephone cable subscription “). In short, common abbreviations and acronyms are increasingly being used , especially in the world of computing. Think, for example , in terms now in common use as EIDE , DVD, SATA , RAM and so on.
These acronyms are not always immediately understandable . That’s why we explain how to use the famous program of Babylon also instant translation on the fly in order to Free Online Translator Babylonunderstand the meaning of the acronyms in the world of IT ( Information Technology … ) .
Once installed, the program Babylon , to enrich it with new dictionaries is a breeze . Just download from the site the BGL file , and then click it : Babylon automatically incorporates those dictionaries, and use them immediately. To download , simply click on the link “Find blackberries dictionaries and glossaries ” ( Find other dictionaries and glossaries ) located at the bottom of the page, as shown in the figure. On the next page you have the option to download many dictionaries, lexicons , but also free .


In the section ” Free public glossaries ” ( Glossaries in the public domain ), click on the link “Check out” to begin the hunt for the dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms. On the next page , and in particular in the search form , enter the word ” acronyms ” and click on ” Go” ( Go ) .

On the next page , proceed to downloading the “Glossary of ingormatica ” , by clicking the button ” Download for offline use” (download for off -line, modem off). This will start the download of the file ” Glossario_d_Informatica . bgl ” , just 73 Kb When finished, click on the file you just downloaded.
After a few moments , a small window will warn you of the success of the operation. At this point, we test the operation of the new glossary. Once you have found a theme such as ADSL , click it so that it is parsed by Babylon .
As in the picture shown here. In our case, in addition to the glossary of computer science, we have also installed the glossaries of English and monolingual English – Italian . Both free, are available on the site of Babylon .
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