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Avast is one of the best free antivirus available for Windows (but also Mac and Android), which allows to protect your computer from all the major threats. Provides protection to 360 degrees which is in charge of checking the open files on the PC, Web browsing and e-mail.

How to download , install and use the free antivirus avast! No viruses, no expense avast! is one of the most famous anti-virus . This software is also available Best free antivirus avast 2014in Italian, is appreciated not only for its effectiveness ( it has nothing to envy to his “colleagues” for a fee) but mainly because it is free (for personal use) . These two pages will explain where to download, install , and basic configurations to ensure that avast! is now operating on your computer by having downloaded the installation file (as explained in the ” Download avast !”) , double-click the executable file.

Select the Typical installation and click “Next”. You will be asked whether to carry out a virus check of the hard drive after the computer restarts . Answer “Yes .” After rebooting the machine, you will see a new icon in the systray of the Windows XP. If you click on it with the right button, it will open the menu shown here. In any case, the virus is already active ( if the icon is blue ! ) . When you access the properties of the program, you can control how the virus will behave in the control of instant messaging, e-mail , download files from the web and so on. Take, for example, the e-mail. In the ” On-Access Scanning ” , click the “E-mail ” . In this way you can configure information about your e-mail box (though imported automatically) , the level of alert and you will get a report of the last checks effettuati.Per further customize the control type , click on ” Customize” . In the window that opens you can choose the level of personal protection . Move into the Heuristics tab , and change the sensitivity level. At each level corresponding to different behaviors of the program, shown in the right section . Complete customization of the program, you can finally start using it. First, for example, ordered to avast ! a beautiful scan of your system. Open the main program window and click on “Start” !

Recording the program when installing the program , you are prompted to enter a code registrazione.È can not enter it , but in this case the program works for just one month , as if it were a shareware any . To get this code , simply register on the site of avast!

Avast is an antivirus with the following characteristics:
– Simple interface where you can scan your computer, refer to the statistics, update the virus definitions and other things.
– Scans files, email, URL, P2P programs for malware.
– It updates automatically as soon as the virus database changes.
– Provides a gadget for Windows, a cleaning tool and other browser add-ons included.
– It ‘available in multiple languages


Avast is now the most recommended antivirus, best free antivirus, better than Avira, AVG
Log on to the Web address www.avast.com and change to the Downloads page / Program.Fate then click on the link ” avast! FREE Download. ” Alternatively you can head directly to www.avast.com . Here, as shown in the picture , click on “Download” next to ” English version ” ( Italian version ) . Wait then download the installation file, more than 9 MB.
Avast! Free Antivirus 2014