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Avast Antivirus 2015 includes many new features, in fact as well as our operating system to ensure protection against trojan viruses, spyware and

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malware, includes for the first time in its free protection against hacker attacks (hackers).

Among the darkened funzionlit√† notice “browser cleanup” which makes cleaning temporary files and history of our surfing the internet in order to increase the level of privacy. Another great feature within Avast antivirus is Secureline VPN, allows us to surf the web in a totally anonymous making it even safer for our privacy.

Avast antivirus lasts about 30 days but can be totally free providing our e-mail address and password (the password must be the same as the e-mail address) in the settings of Avast clicking on “record” thus extending our protection for one year.

Avast! Free Antivirus is a security solution used by most Windows computers, has a section tools that significantly enhance the security level of your activities on your PC. Check out the options:

  • Browser Cleanup – Make a check in their browser in search of malicious extensions.
  • SECURELINE VPN – VPN is an alternative that helps keep Internet traffic more secure.
  • Remote Assistance – almost serves as an alternative to TeamViewer and allows someone to help or be helped on the PC over the Internet.
  • AccessAnywhere – is a remote access tool that allows you to access your PC from anywhere.
  • Recovery Disc – Create a CD or flash with the latest virus definitions and settings Avast. If any problems, you can use this media to restore the program.
  • Sandbox – is a paid solution Avast! which lets you run applications in insulation inside your system.
  • SafeZone – It is a paid service that allows you to surf the Internet in a secure window. With this, you can shop and conduct other operations without concern.
  • Firewall – This is an alternative to Windows Firewall and prevents attack to access data on your PC without permission.



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