The automatic bookmarks Mozilla

The automatic bookmarks Mozilla : an alternative simple Mozilla and Netscape , unlike their ” younger brother ” Firefox does not have a built-in reading the newsfeed. On the other hand have a different instrument that, as more primitive , it may be equally useful to delegate to the browser checks to see if a web page has been updated , so putting down the terrible ” anxiety novelty” that leads to open a site obsessively for see if anything has changed .

The system unfortunately does not enter into the details of what has changed on the page , but has the advantage of operating in any situation, even with sites that offer feeds. First you have to add the site to your bookmarks ( bookmarks ) in the usual way .
Then open the tab bookmark manager ( Bookmark menu , under ” Manage Bookmarks” ) , scroll through the list of bookmarks , you find that you just created , and by clicking on it with the right mouse button , select “Properties”. The tab that appears contains , among other things , some options that allow you to determine which days of the week to check the update , at what times , and with what frequency .
For example : daily , from one in the morning until two in the afternoon , and every 30 minutes.
Checking the boxes next to deciding how to be notified when the content of the page is changed : we recommend “Display an alert” (show a warning) because the other options do not always work well. From this moment Mozilla monitor the site, and warn you if there appear new , showing a warning like the one in the picture.

answersA newsfeed is not intended for ” human consumption” !
If we open the icon for a feed within our browser , as if it were a normal link , we find ourselves in front of a spectacle rather incomprehensible (it’s an XML file ), here we see how it looks in Mozilla. The feed should therefore not be opened directly in the browser : you instead copy the URL , and then paste it within the application that will use
Firefox: news feeds with just a few clicks 

Firefox is the ” scion ” more agile of the family of free and open source browser that is part of the Mozilla project . Among the many virtues of this program is a very convenient logo firefoxfeature that automatically detects the presence of a news feed linked to a Web page , allowing us to ” hook ” to the browser. Let’s see how . Firefox: newsfeed visit a site with a few clicks of news, such as the British BBC ( ) .
When, as in this case, a Web page also features a newsfeed version , Firefox does appear in the lower right corner of its window a special orange icon with a symbol of the radio broadcast . Clicking on this icon will appear in a small pop-up menu with a list of newsfeeds in this case only one, with the words ” Subscribe to RSS ” . We select with the mouse this command. It seems the usual window for saving the page to your bookmarks , which according to the tradition of Netscape and Mozilla are here called “bookmarks ” .

The newsfeed is stored as if it were a special kind of bookmark -called “ live” (active) . We choose what we want to save the location of our store . For this example, accept the default location in the bookmark folder , and then simply click “Ok”. At this point , the newsfeed is read by the browser. Within our bookmarks , the site treated in this way will appear as if it were a folder ( but marked by a special icon orange) , and the articles listed in the newsfeed will automatically be added to the inside. In our example, we have among our bookmarks folder a sort of “live ” on the website of the BBC , with a list of the latest articles appearing on the site. Selecting one of these , it will open in the browser window as usual. The beauty is that this list of pages is updated continuously (hence the term bookmark “live “).
The updating of the live bookmarks occurs at a predetermined frequency , but if you prefer you can also manually force an update.
The operation can be done with the window of the management of bookmarks, but it’s even easier if you keep open on the sidebar ( to make it appear , on the View menu select “Panels ” and then ” Bookmarks” , or press CTRL + B) . Just click with the right mouse button on the folder of the bookmark and live , from the menu that appears, select ” Update Live Bookmark ” .