Archiving documents online

Today, we report a tool by which to store documents online.

One of the most recent and reliable cloud services online particularly dedicated to the automatic backup of documents is SurDoc , with which you can plan all the operations of saving files in a protected and highly encrypted. The novelty of this service online and making innovative than the competition is already so large that the backup of the documents in the cloud runs on your computer . This means that a specific folder on your PC will be synchronized with the cloud space offered by SurDoc, thus ensuring a consistent backup of each file.

Through a quick and easy registration, you are automatically directed to the personal control panel where you can manage all the operations of uploading the documents in the cloud. To activate the service automatic backup and synchronization with your PC you have to use the software SurDoc Desktop Download, download it by clicking on that button at the top of the panel.

Once installed, SurDoc Desktop Download immediately asks you what folder you want to set the computer to synchronize files. The strength of this service is the amount of space made ​​available, up to 10GB in free mode , much higher than what is offered on the market and the famous DropBox (which offers up to 2GB).

Archiving documents online

The duration of the backup process is directly proportional to the amount of data you want to sync, on average, in the case of 5Gb may take up to several hours before it is fully completed. In any case, all operations always take place automatically, so as to be sure that all the updated files on the cloud space perfectly match physically located in the default folder from the software.

All folders and documents in the cloud space to SurDoc can be shared in real time with your friends simply by clicking the right mouse button corresponding to the file.In the drop-down menu that opens select the appropriate item email so as to send the link to download the document to be shared.

SurDoc is a great service, however, presents some shortcomings that should be resolved as soon as possible from the business owner. First of all it

How to archive documents

is not clear whether it is possible to upload files to the remote space without its software, which creates a limit to the user since it is tied to a local application to the send file.

The service does not support the drag and drop as it happens in DropBox, other major shortcoming which greatly restricts its use. In addition, in the presence of different programs open in the operating system, there are problems of slowness and conflict so as to force us to close some applications.

Anyway, for those who want a backup service and automatic synchronization of documents on remote servers with the local computer, SurDoc reveals an interesting solution, and highly effective.