Applications to Make Photo art

Here’s another intriguing application designed for iPhone, really it makes this object an inseparable pastime.

Fun Face works simply: taking pictures of our face through lafotocamera, allows you to manipulate the face and add it in a variety of fun We launch the application and notice that this shows us two options. the first is to select a photo already in a photo album on the iPhone; the second, however, is to take a new photo using your mobile phone. there are tutorials, demo or instructions, everything is designed to be intuitive.

We proceed by uploading a photo already in our hands and then we click on “direct Face Button“. we observe that the application chooses magically all the faces related to the selected image. And ‘quite surprising to note that functions well “facial recognition”, also with strange facial expressions or particular angles nellafotografia taken.

Second step. After successful automatic association of the faces proposed by Face rope, we make our choice. The selected image appears also worked with a photo editing program.

The contexts in which the selected face is applied are really many and all delicious. It passes by the face that appears on the screen of a TV that on a screen during a conference.

Still, we can appear within a poster stuck on a wall by way ‘of electoral propaganda during the election period. And what of the face consists of a jigsaw puzzle made up of hundreds of pieces?

Or why not, inside a canvas while a painter is making our picture in an oil painting. This effect, for example, you can simply get by dragging a preview of the face within the recommended scene.

Even here, the mechanism is not explained or shown by a tutorial, but it is easy to intuition. This means that should drag the small picture everywhere, to discover all the sensitive parts of the chosen scenario.

In summary, FACE FUN is a small and simple application that ensures safe fun with a few clicks. One development is the introduction of new environments, scenarios and contexts where to apply the chosen face.

The real downside is that there is no possibility to send the result. For example, it could be pretty annoying to spend half an hour to manipulate the face of a friend and not poterglielo ship. Certainly, we can save the picture and then attach it to such an e-mail … more cumbersome and time-consuming process.

However, FACE FUN remains an application to try and surely to keep if developers decide to make improvements.