Apple’s new iPhone 3Gs

It is not perfect , the new iPhone , third in the series after “2G” and the “3G” . But get him a serious flaw is becoming damn hard . The strange thing is : the team project the phone’s “Made in Apple “moves approximately with the same methods and goals that had spearheaded the creation of the iPod, a case considered “textbook” for anyone involved in the design industrial . Sure, Apple designers are used to ” think differently.” And sometimes their logic appears unusual . There are those who theorized the existence of an “Apple reality distortion field ” , an area of the distorted reality that surround him Apple products , making their users are happy with what they have , and hiding them what they are missing.

Apple's new iPhoneThe facts are otherwise : if not you are the type of person who is fascinated by the presence of billions of unnecessary features , or specific Numerical amazing , and you search for a object that performs a few tasks Fundamental in a simple and Effective , well, it was ideal candidates to be captured by the logic of the products apple . However , the iPhone 3Gs is intended to convince many skeptics . Essential form and dimensions generous (but is only 12mm thick ) are unchanged compared to the model previous year, with the single button “Home” featured on the front, while the profile hides those for the volume , the vibration and the ignition , In addition to the headset jack stereo (supplied). As usual, the battery is inaccessible from the outside and remains one of the weak points , because mode with 3G and Wi-Fi Bluetooth switched on , with a use medium-heavy can barely arrive at the end of the day , only taking most of the subsystems off the iPhone comes in a range of a few days , or that promised by the House . Inside, the 3Gs is all new : it is improved display quality the touch screen , speed Processor and graphics (so much so that it becomes a serious contender in the market for platforms portable game consoles) , and the resolution of the camera , now 3.2 Mpixel .

The latter now doubles as a video camera, and resumes 640×480 pixels at a rate of 30 fps. On the connectivity front , the iPhone supports UMTS and HSDPA, GSM and EDGE, in addition to Wi -Fi “b” and “g” and to Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. however regards the detection system the location, the GPS system witnessed was added a compass mail, which can be exploited also by individual applications : so, for example , it is possible to realize a localization program in which the map rotates in time real depending on the orientation phone (in the case of software Maps) . In addition to new hardware , there are those software , brought into largely on the 3.0 firmware . among the various improvements , the highly anticipated ” copy & Paste ” inexplicably absent in previous versions , the possibility to use the phone as a modem to the PC via Bluetooth ( ” Tethering ” ) , and the possibility of send MMS ( for those who want absolutely pay to send a picture through a message instead send free via email … ) . other improvements relate to the virtual keyboard , which becomes more comfortable turning iPhone to landscape . For those who must email or write a lot of messages , the on-screen keyboard is perhaps the best weak iPhone .

Although it the best virtual keyboard in circulation, thanks to sophisticated system Touch employed by Apple and software that ” understands” what you are writing , the first approach is however, more uncomfortable than physical keypad ” qwerty” as those used by many competitors, to Sony to Nokia to HTC. With a little ‘ practice, however, things change radically … seeing is believing. On the scales , compared to the two defects mentioned so far , iPhone however, puts the best Internet browser existing on cell phone ( Safari) the only one that makes it really usable the network through a device so small, and , of course, musical abilities and their video the latest generation of iPods . Not to mention the infrastructure AppStore, the online store for applications certificate that includes thousands of quality software .

On closer inspection, the weakest point this phone is in the tariff plans of telephone operators , which persist in not wanting to make available rate a ” flat” and continue to propose offers complex , cumbersome and often unwisely expensive , discouraging the use of the fact Intensive of this type of equipment . Moreover , the high list price for the device “Raw ” ( 599 for model 16 GB , 100 euro more than in test) makes it almost indispensable resort to buying ” seen ” by one of the managers .