Apple has recently renewed the its range of iPod media players which for years dominated the the digital music market . with the latest updates , the iPod Touch has been repositioned as ” Gaming machine ” , which go to challenge the various PSP and Nintendo DS . But even the small ” nano” has witnessed the arrival of many new features . the compatissimo Apple player is in effect that has gained more in generational change .

The aesthetic the device has remained essentially the same, with the chassis in aluminum vertical development and with the top of the screen , just above the famous control wheel . It was then finally abandoned the form factor of almost square used for nano third generation . Compared to the model above, the screen is now slightly larger ( 2.2 “instead of 2 ” ) also to satisfy better the “New calling” the dwarf : the of ” video camera ” . Yes, because the device has been added camera ( with a resolution 640×480 at 30 fps) can record movies in H.264 format with AAC audio .

iPod a small video camera and FM radio.Objective and microphone are on the back of the shell, in a position that seemed to us very apt : taking the iPod such as a camera , or in with the horizontal screen to the left and wheel to the right , the lens is in found in the upper right corner , right in ideal spot where to put your fingers to hold the device . A part of the control wheel , the only another command present on the iPod is the “hold” button that prevents the drive accidental command is been placed along the top edge , while the lower contains connections : a minijack 3.5 mm headphone (compatible even with a 4-pole plugs of earphones with remote control ) and the classic multi-pin connector via which can be connected iPod to PC via USB, and to recharge the battery , as usual Apple is strictly internal and not user replaceable.

A novelty that no one expected to see the iPod is the FM radio. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs himself had excluded this feature iPod for the low quality audio that the analog radios are able to offer. evidently there rethought , because the radio on nano is now , and also has a unique feature : the possibility of ” Pause ” broadcasts , and then resume playback at any time without losing a second program . You You can also ” rewind the tape ” and go back to a period temporal maximum of a quarter from now . If we add the presets and the RDS system, we obtain an FM radio in all respect.

But the news does not stop there. For example, joggers listening to music will appreciate the inclusion a pedometer : it is not the sophisticated system of Nike + top model , but it can make always comfortable. In addition, the iPod can show text documents, synchronize appointments and addresses , record voice memos , and if you were to wanting to stretch your fingers , there are also some games. For the rest , the dwarf keeps ability to 8:16 Gbytes (16 Gbytes equivalent to about 4,000 songs and allow to record 14 hours of video ) , the size and weight of the previous generation (about 90x39x6 mm , with a weight of 37 grams) , while the colors available go up to nine.

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Through iTunes, the Apple software for managing Your iPod ( and iPhone) , you can transfer video and photos from your computer to the reader, sync podcasts favorites and , of course , also connect to the iTunes Store buy music . In practical use , The new iPod is appreciated before everything to the high quality of and small footprint . also the quality of the screen ( 376x240pixel ) is good, as well as the operating speed . the functions require some special radio minutes of practice, but , on the other hand , video recording is easy to perform and provides results of excellent quality: even in situations extreme light you can bring decent home movies . And if you serves a shot with “something more ” , try to enter the special effects … The fun is guaranteed.


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