APP install Android on PC and Mac with BlueStacks

Over 90 million people use BlueStacks , probably the best program to emulate the free Android operating system on Windows or Mac.

We had already seen similar applications , but this is really complete, easy to use and graphically pleasing. It also has more features and functions than any other Android emulator available today. BlueStacks allows you to download, install and use thousands of Android apps on your PC or Mac. If you have an Android phone, when you first install it will be possible to synchronize all your favorite applications on their computers and use them comfortably on a larger screen. You can also download and install any application on Google Play Store.

Emulate Android app on computer

To download the application, just write the name of the app you are looking for within BlueStacks and then click “Download”.
In a few seconds you are ready to run the application on your PC.

play bigger on the computer

The program options allow you to configure both the language of the device which controls Android. For example, you can select the accelerator so that it is controlled by the arrow keys.

This way you will not have any problems when you use any type of game. If you do not have a PC with touch screen you will obviously have to use the mouse to interact with the app.

BlueStacks is a fantastic tool that offers great possibilities to all users of Microsoft operating systems and Mac. Millions of games and free applications are available now. Have a look at the most downloaded APP .


Ability to multitask

It works in a simple and similar to a browser interface, you can play with multiple apps at the same time, and you can use the messaging service in a tab. You can easily download a new game, while you are feeling App interest you.

mobile applications and games

Bluestacks is the No. 1 emulator for Android, which allows you with a  all-in-one for your phone  to have under control: instant messaging, calls, video calls, status updates, and among the features of the program, we can highlight: Compatibility App 96% 86% game compatibility, integration Chamber, support multi-touch, sensors Integrated, Opera Apps x86, ARM Apps Opera, Moves files between Windows + Android,
Microphone Integration, Integration Mouse + Keyboard, Synchronization Mobile / Desktop, Double Click APK Open from Desktop, Android Capacity-on-TV etanto another.

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