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After the desktop search took some time to index your documents, how to conduct meaningful and fruitful research ? You This feeling of dizziness that you feel when you query a search engine and the result is a series of thousands of Web sites from comb through them one by one ? Even with the desktop search this danger is around the corner. The secret to avoid this is to do the research right , in a targeted manner , knowing well the interface of programma.In this sense, we recommend that you always read very carefully the help file of your desktop search , where are explained the basic rules for its operation .

Google Desktop Search allows you to search for files by three different interfaces . That browser is the most simple: at any time Just click with the right button on the program icon in Download software search per windows 7 - Windows Searchthe System Tray System and select ” Browse my computer ” . It will launch the browser where you can enter your search string. ( As you can see in the picture , The program works directly from the browser window : it does not means that the data on the Internet.

Google Desktop Search uses only the browser interface ) . Use the correct syntax is important to make searches more simple . If you look for a file that you created with Excel, but not you know the extension you can type your search ” filetype: excel” the quotation marks .

The command ” filetype: ” to be followed , without a space of the way, from the name of programma.Se you remember the extension , the better. In this example, you would type “filetype : xls ” . If you are looking for a document in which you are sure that you have entered a phrase, you can search for the same phrase by enclosing it between virgolette.Per example, ” When you call me ? ” can be a good way to look for an e-mail message that , in the chaos of the box , seems to be lost .

You can search for all messages sent to a person using the syntax “To: Mario Rossi ” (in this way you will find all messages sent to the contact marked after the “To: ” .

Although Windows Desktop Search has the own search syntax , a little ‘ more intuitive than Google because italiano.Per example, if you are looking for a document containing the word ” doll ” and the document was created, modified or displayed on a specific day of the week, you can set the search so ( exclude the quotes) : ” doll date : yesterday ” or ” doll Date: Wednesday” and so on. If you look for a file created in a given time interval you can search with this syntax ” date : > 02/20/05 < 20/10/05 ” . Find a guide to the syntax by clicking Right on the program icon in your system tray and selecting “Help”.

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Best Google Desktop Search Alternatives

These are some alternatives Google Desktop Search

Microsoft Search allows you to search on networked computers (even with different operating systems from Microsoft), but also carry out research on email mailbox online.

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