Adware: What is it, how to remove

If your computer is suddenly open windows or popup messages that contain unwanted advertising, which most likely means you’re infected dall’adware. But what is adware , how to remove it and, most importantly, how to avoid it?

What is adware?

L ‘ adware (pronounced àduer ) is not a virus but rather a type of software designed for the purpose of display ads, redirect research and gather information about visited web sites in order to display relevant advertising (it is considered malicious malware that is, only if you do not warn the user that wants to collect information.) How did you get it? There are mainly two methods by which the adware sneaks into your PC. The first is through the installation of programs such freeware or shareware that, by displaying advertising messages, enabling the program to subsidize free (in fact means adware software subsidized by advertising ). A second method is rather special in having visited the websites designed in such a way to install unconsciously of adware, maybe just click on a link through your browser (this is one of the reasons why you need to surf the Internet with an up to date browser).

How to remove adware?

Norton best AntivirusTo eliminate adware and clean up your computer from unwanted programs you can use a free software, simple and efficient as AdwCleaner (compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 in both 32 and 64 bit). To use AdwCleaner not even need to install it before you just run the file you just downloaded and then click J’accepte / I Agree :

Now, to initiate a scan, you will not have to do is click Scan : in this way AdwCleaner will check for adware in services, files, folders, connections, operations planned in the register and in the browser installed on your computer . Once the scan is complete, remove the check mark next to the items that you do not want to remove (always assuming that there are), then close any programs / open files, and then click (several times) on OK to restart the operating system and then complete the removal process. Just restart the PC will display a report of all that has been removed (you should anyway to reopen AdwCleaner and check that there is nothing in the quarantine accessible from menu Tools ).

How To Avoid Adware?

To avoid adware you have to be careful when surfing the Internet (especially where you click and what drains) but, more importantly, when you are about to install anything on your computer. To be more precise, you should:

  • download programs from reputable sites (for example, from the official website of the manufacturer of the software) and not through insecure sources that refer to other sites;
  • avoid installing those programs that promise you to install a program by installing before the others. It also avoids to click as soon as possible on Next : better read calmly what you’re going to install in your computer;
  • do not install the toolbar and / or other programs that you are offered during the installation: if you do not feel you need them just remove a few simple check or, at worst, cancel the installation and download another program;
  • enable the popup blocker in your browser and / or through your antivirus: in this way windows and pop-ups are blocked automatically and will be visible only after your eventual approval.

At this point, you should no longer run the risk of installing the PC  adware or other unwanted software because now you know what it is, how to remove it  and, most importantly, how to avoid it .


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