Advanced SystemCare 8 Free

8 Advanced SystemCare Free is the free version of a full suite of tools for the maintenance, care and optimize computer performance with Windows operating system.

2 ) ASC v.8 – Graphical interface and tools

The tools and their functions made ​​available by Advanced SystemCare 8 are many and such as to displace especially inexperienced users. But its interface is well thought out grouping cards in the different types of nursing actions, protection, maintenance and system optimization.

Startup is immediately shown the first card care that make a scan of the system and then start the set of activities for solving the problems encountered. The scan will detect the type of errors threats and problems among those selected in the card: spyware threats, the registry errors, privacy issues, junk files, browser security, optimization of system performance, disk optimization, etc.

Advanced SystemCare 8 Free

The next tab concerns the protection of the system. In it we find a number of useful features, activated by switches, both for safe web browsing than for the protection against trojan threats and spyware in real-time (real-time protection is available in the commercial version Advanced SystemCare Pro 8 ).
we can protect the homepage and the default search engine in our browser from harmful changes, improve the web browsing experience with protection from various online threats, prevent installing plugins and malicious toolbar.

Through the first two illustrated cards we scan the system to identify threats and problems, then we leave to Advanced SystemCare the task of making the necessary repairs and finally assign the features for better system security.


With the card tools , however, we have a comprehensive set of tools for maintenance and system optimization. The tools available are grouped by type: IObit Products , Security & Repair , System Optimization , System Cleaning . Each is an application that will be automatically downloaded and installed when you first start. Most of the tools available are free of charge; some of them, while performing their functions effectively, offering the upgrade to the paid version with more features.


Among IObit Products cite IObit Uninstaller tool for the effective removal of programs, Windows updates, plugins and toolbars of Internet Explorer and Firefox; during the uninstallation of an application procedure IObit Uninstaller will scan the system thoroughly to remove any remaining files that otherwise would not be removed by normal uninstall Windows, Smart Defrag for effective defragmentation of hard disks with automatic or scheduled defragmentation functionality; IObit malware Fighteradvanced tool for scanning (quick, full and custom), and removal of malware.


They belong to the group Security and Repair tools for recovering deleted files, secure deletion of personal files so they can not be recovered, the analysis of the disks and file systems, and more. Among the free tools for optimization of the system are not lacking the Startup Manager to manage applications, processes and services that run at startup of to speed up the boot-time system, the Program Deactivator to turn off the services, elements startup and background tasks are not used in order to improve system performance and registry Defrag to defragment the Windows registry.

We close this brief overview of Advanced SystenCare 8 Free with enhancing features of the system services provided by Turbo Mode . The instrument will change the system setup according to one of the three aspects of computer use chosen by the user: work mode, game or saving energy. Each default user profile can be customized based on the available options. Activate the turbo mode will be stopped processes and services not useful to the chosen profile and libarata RAM.

Advanced SystenCare 8 Free is a complete product for the maintenance and care of the computer in Windows. Although many nursing and optimization actions are done automatically, with little intervention from the user, for more specific should carefully evaluate the various policy options proposed by the many tools available actions.

The less experienced then I would ask you to avoid actions and settings for which you do not know exactly the effectiveness and consequences on your system. Each instrument and its capabilities based on specific maintenance issues, security and optimization that are different for each computer. Therefore it is appropriate to spend a bit of time to apply the right of intervention options perhaps with assistance from a knowledgeable friend.